Greetings from hot San Marcos Sierra

Everything proceeds according to plan. I spent another day in Cordoba in a nice (but loud ;)) hostel in the centre called Le Grand Hostel. It was the same place where another djane from Switzerland – Carmen aka Caemix – and her friends were stazing. FOr some reason we didn’t connect (maybe I’m too dark ;)) and just had some small talk in the afternoon. I was expecting them to take the same bus as me (9 a.m. from cordoba to san marcos) since checkoout was till 10 a.m. anyway but they were still sleeping when I left. Not sure if I will see them again…

Cordoba was very nice although the fruits seemed a bit expansive. but very fresh! I immensely enjoyed being able to walk in a thsirt and sandals after the cold winter we’ve had in switzerland. when i arrived in cordoba it was cloudy but soon the sun came out and stayed. In the evening I saw the beautiful full moon. Today has been very hot 🙂 Yesterday I walked around a bit, made some pics and bought the stuff that I forgot at home or lost during the flight. In the evening I had a hard time finding a restaurant but finally managed to eat some cannelloni. not too good but at least they got me full for the night. i downloaded and burned some more traks for my remember full on set here @ nirvana (thanks Karol for the upload! – pls check your mails). I spent most of the bus journey listening to different FUll On CDs, preparing my set. It will be a blast for sure 🙂

In San MArcos I went to eat some tortellini and then waited for the bus. I wasn’t sure if it would come anytime soon and at some point started the pray-mudra (holding both your hands together). After only a couple of minutes a shuttle appeared. It wasn’t the nirvana one though but he told me where to wait for the right one. I went there and after only 5-10 minutes the shuttle arrived. Now we’re waiting to see if more people turn up.

San Marcos is a very interesting little town It appears to be some hippie enclave. Lot of esoteric flyers around. Here is a nice link I found on one of them: From today till tuesday They are doing a “encuentro de magos de tierra. practicas de sinchronizacion 2012” [meeting of earth sorcerers, 2012 synchronization exercixes/rituals] in Charbonier. I might join them if the festival doesn’t last till monday as planned.

I talked with Pierre a French guy who was already at the festival and it seems that its a bit bigger than I expected (2-300 people) but obviously not as big as they hoped for. But he says that if I’m confirmed as DJ I should get food, water and smoke 🙂

that’s it for now. next update after the festival I hope 🙂

ps: so far I didn’t solve my mobile phone problem. I would have needed to buy a new one because my migros mobile works only with migros SIM card and not the argentinian ones. maybe I will later but for now let’s stay connected through cyberspace. big hug and lot of love to everyone.

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3 Responses to Greetings from hot San Marcos Sierra

  1. Jan says:

    Keep mudraying! Good to hear about the enclave.


  2. mama says:

    Good to hear from you. Write when you can. Have a nice time at the festival.

  3. Jan says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Greetings from Berne from both of us.

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