hey guys!

the festival finished late this afternoon. mz set was one of the last from 11.45 till 13.30. I think it was one of the best sets of this festival. the vibes when I was playing were amzing, everyone was really into the sound and later I talked with many people who said thanks or brilliant set or stuff like that. I played old school set but not only full on – I also included some terminator, psykovsky and kindzadza tracks as well as a megamix of old osom tracks I did extra for this set (osmotrix first, part, zealot second half and over game second half) – the dancefloor appreciated this one a lot. but the best moment was the second half of my last track: vasilys beloochi remix – the vibes coming back from the dancefloor send shivers all through my body.


the wait for my set was a bit annoying because I didn’t want to sleep to see what the people before me were playing. jamil and his freind from guatemala played a psycore set around 5-7 but only some people enjoyed. it was too fast and too noisy for most (me included). its funny – before my set I almost fell asleep but the energies from playing made me so high that I couldnt really sleep since then (it is very difficult in the hot sun). so in the end I decided to take the shuttle to san marcos to write this little update for you. I will write more about the party etc. later this week.

the vibes were very shanti and I am having a great time so far. the only problem is that the sun burnt me really bad but I think I’ll survive 😉 I’m staying in the festival area for a couple more days. then probabl back to cordoba and from there to these huge waterfalls at the bordeer to brasil. the only problem is that the bus takes 28 hours!

I got a booking for a psycore set in buenos aires on 5 febrero so I’ll be there then and then fly to peru from there. then back to argentina for the moonflower festival (shuttle leaves on 14th).

I miss you all but time flies and Im having a very good time so far.

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