Back in civilization/cordoba

This afternoon I arrived in back in Cordoba with a direct bus from San Marcos which takes 4 hours. When I got on the bus I was a bit worried that I would have to stand the whole journey but after less than one hour many people left the bus and I could sit for the rest of the journey (and sleep for some part of it).

When I arrived in Cordoba I found out that bus tickets for salta (last big city before the border to chile) are more expensive than expected (I was thinking about travelling to Peru by bus because the cheapest flights I had found till then were 800 USD). When I got on the internet I searched again and found out that if I choose other dates I can get from Cordoba to Iquitos and back for around 550 USD which is affordable considering the pleasure of visiting the shamans of the amazons. So now I just need to decide on the exact dates. I will leave Cordoba on 1 february and stay for around one week. When I get back I other drive directly to Buenos Aires (I now play on a party on the 12th instead of the 5th) or via the waterfalls.

The last couple of days were rather adventurous: On Monday evening the shuttle that was supposed to drive us back to the festival location didn’t show up and we spent the night in the streets of San Marcos. Lucikly it wasn’t that cold and the police didn’t bother us neither. In the morning the shuttle driver turned up soon after we awoke and pretended that he hadn’t seen us on the evening before. I spent the next days hanging around and chatting with the other helpers of the festival. It’s an interesting situation: most of them were volunteers from a farm and didn’t really know the music. While volunteering there they were asked whether they would help with the festival for food and agreed. I think they did an amazing job building all the structures and cooking and working at the bar. Like I said before the vibes were great from beginning till the end. Even though less people showed up than expected, the organizers were in a good mood – they are thinking more long-term and would like to organize a party every couple of months. they originally come from the US (california) and I made some contacts to that scene as well šŸ™‚

yesterday I wanted to get back to cordoba to have as much time as possible for bus travelling but first we had a huge tempest which wet my tent and in the morning I got stomack sick. I wasn’t the only one in the camp. my hypothesis is that it was because we were all drinking water from big plastic tanks. If these stand in the sun too long they develop bacteria. I immediately switched to bottled water and after 24 hours of diarrhea and light fever I feel much better today (some reiki might have helped also :)) so i stayed there another day and didn’t do much expect for drinking water and lying around.

this morning nate (one of the main organizers) drove me to san marcos right in time for the direct bus to cordoba.

I’ll try to write more about the party (which had amazing vibes all in all) later tonight or tomorrow. It’s hard to catch up after so many days of not blogging šŸ˜‰

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3 Responses to Back in civilization/cordoba

  1. mama says:

    I don’t quite understand whether you go by bus or by plane to Peru. And if you stay in Cordoba until 1st February. And if your natel still isn’t working Anyway, you are lucky to have such summer weather.
    All the best

    • djmilosz says:

      If today the plane tickets are still as cheap as yesterday I’ll buy them and fly to Iquitos in Peru on 1 february for one week. Till then I’m in Cordoba.

      My natel is still not working. Maybe it will work in peru.

      switzerland still cold and snowy, then?

  2. Jan says:

    Tnkx fot this account. Keep cool!


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