nirvana festival

it doesnt get any easier to report as more time passes so here is my late (and short) report from the nirvana festival which took place close to san marcos for the first time this year and is supposed to happen every year from now on.

the organizers are mainly people from california although andrea, nate’s wife, is from argentina originally but lived in california for a long time. they have been living in san marcos for a while and decided to start throwing parties there because there were none. they are thinking very long-term and didn’t mind losing some money this time as long as everyone who came had a nice experience. obviously they weren’t interested in paying for the acts to have big names, the only one that was internationally known was Total Eclipse from France.

I arrived friday late afternoon very tired. it quicly became clear that the music wouldnt really be my style so I tried to focus on the other things: nature, people and food.

I found out that Jamil had left the festival area because of some disagreement about the lineup. I was worried he would go straight to Rio to his pregnant girl and decided to look for him  in San Marcos on saturday. I met some nice girls from Germany and chatted a bit with the organizers before going to bed early.

On Saturday I checked out the beautiful river and went to San Marcos to look for Jamil. I didn’t find him  but when I got into the shuttle there he was. Apparently he never intented to leave, he just wanted to check what his options were to get to Rio. At the festival area he showed me a very nice place where the river was a bit deeper and we had a very nice and interesting talk full of information about all kinds of things. There still arent that many people with whom I can talk about all these “esoteri” things as easily as with him.

In the evening I ate some san pedro which was nice in combination with some smoke and went to bed early after finding out that I would be playing the next day. I wanted to be as fresh as possible.

on sunday we finally managed to make the sound system people disconnect a mixer that was compressing the sound in a strange way 🙂 I already wrote about the night and my set in the other post. just one addition: the problem with my short set was that the sound was so different from the dj before me that it took me  a while to “exchange” the people on the dancefloor. and when I finally managed and started generating excellent vibes I alreadz had to stop 😦 but I explained this to the organizers and they agree that the next time they will try less DJs and longer sets.

now some general impressions:

the location was beautfiul but rough: one couldn’t walk barefoot because there were many small branches with spikes that even sometimes went through your shoes. it was located 20 minutes by car from the next town so it was absolutely impossible to disturb anyone with the music 🙂 the location was an abandoned farm which they are thinking about getting back to life which is hard because there is a river but it carries only little water.

they had two stages: dance and chill.

the food was very good. only vegeteriuan and a greea tvariety o different dishes. as a dj i got the food for free which was very nice. but even if you had to pay it wasn’t too expensive. they had food almost all day and night long whih was a nice surprise.

there were around 50-100 djs and helpers and organizers and maybe again that many guests. small and cozy. the vibes were excellent througout the whole festival, nobody was taking “bad” drugs or drink a lot.

I guess that’ lot, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I found out that skyscanner had false informations about flights and that it’s not possible to fly to peru that cheap. so I’m back to plan A and take the bus to salta tomorrow evening. I should be in San Pedro in Chile on monday morning and hoefull in Lima on Tuesday evening or Wednesday where I will meet Hector and fly to Iquitos with him.

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