here are some pics to my last post.

the first one is called The SPirit of Soho Mural (I’m sure you can google this to find more information on it) and was one of the artistic/architectonic highlights of our visit to London.

Then something I forgot in my description and which was very unique: The Animals in War monument in honour of all the animals that lost their lives in human wars.

As you can see we have also found some proof that London indeed is the capital of the Illuminati 😉

The other three pictues (all of which were shot by my gf, thanks !) are from Takaka. The Kundalini one was a pavement decoration not far from the house were we were staying.

The dog is the aforementioned Sapphy who spent all of her spare time chasing after a tennis ball we would throw.

And finally one of the highlights for me, a painting in the Dangerous Kitchen. It is even for sale but so far I haven’t figured out how I would transport it to Europe.

that’s it for now, working on the next part of my blog incl. the flight to Christchurch, the time we spent there and of course… the dolphins 😉 stay tuned (and don’t forget to drop out before the system implodes :))

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