Robert Anton Wilson – Cosmic Trigger II

Letzte Woche habe ich Cosmic Trigger II gelesen, den zweiten Teil der Autobiographie von Robert Anton Wilson, hierzulande vor allem für seine Illuminatus-Trilogie bekannt. Am Anfang erinnert sich Wilson daran, wie verwundert er als Kind war, dass die Kirche während der sonntäglichen Messe anscheinend am meisten daran interessiert war, von allen, also auch den ärmsten, Geld zu kriegen. Die Frage, was danach mit diesem Geld passiert, bildet quasi den roten Faden des Buches, wobei es in den Spekulation über die wahres Todesursache von Roberto Calvi am 18. Juni 1982 einen vorläufigen Höhepunkt findet. Bei einer minutiösen Recherche zu diesem Thema – die Quellen führe ich weiter unten auf – stösst Wilson auf ein Netz aus Agenten, Doppelagenten, Drogen, Geld, CIA, Nazis und immer wieder Vatikan:

18. Juni 1982, Roberto Calvi in London ermordet, Präsident der Banco Ambrosiano in Mailand. Auch angebliches Mitglied von P2.

„Being hanged where the rising tide will cover one’s dead body is the punishment threatened to Freemasons who betray their Fellows in the Craft, so it seems likely that Calvi had been killed by a Masonic conspiracy, or by persons who ardently wish us to think he had been killed by a Masonic conspiracy.“ 98

Wilson’s Quellen:

Foot and della Torre, The Mysterious Death of God’s Banker
Larry Gurwin, The Calvi Affair
Penny Lernoux, in Banks we trust
Richard Hammer, The Vatican connection
Stephen Knight, the Brotherhood
David Yallop, In God’s name

offizielles Verdikt: Selbstmord !!

„Those who claim foul play in the Calvi hanging have all made much of a rather singular coincidence. The morning Calvi was found dangling with pockets full of bricks from that bridge in London, his secretary, Graziella Corocher, plunged to her death from a window of Calvi’s Banco Ambrosiano in Milan. Like Calvi’s death, Corrocher’s defenstration was originally pronounced suicide, but many have questioned that verdict. Maybe suicide was contagious in that bank. Maybe – but then again, as Stalin’s henchman Beria once said, ‘Any damned fool can commit a murder. It takes an artist to arrange a suicide.’“ 99 f.

„Calvi … was a Knight of Malta“

„Their current correct name is the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, … After they lost Malta to Napoleon in 1798, their actual world headquarters has been a small building in the Vatican. According to Catholic sources, they are a charitable order devoted to good works. Nobody else seems to believe that.“ 111

„SMOM is the Vatican’s secret police, and its members are all sworn to destroy Protestantism, liberalism, democracy and everything else that has interfered with Papal Omnipotence in the last 400 years. All 32nd degree Freemasons vow solemnly to oppose ‘the Knights of Malta’ and ‘all other agents of tyranny and superstition’. This is the most intriguing mystery in the Calvi affair: how could ‘God’s banker’ be a Knight of Malta and a Mason sworn to oppose the Knights of Malta at the same time?“ 111

„his known policies have much more in common with SMOM than with Masonry“ 112

„Along with Roberto Calvi, a few other prominent members of SMOM in recent times have included: Franz von Papen, the man who persuaded President von Hindenburg to resign and appoint Hitler the Chancellor of Germany; General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s intelligence chief, who later became the director of the CIA’s Russian ‘penetration’ section; General Alexander Haig …; Alexander de Marenches, former chief of French Intelligence; Umberto Ortolani, wealthy Italian fascist, P2 member and founder of secret right-wing groups in Latin America. … Otto von Habsburg (Quelle: Covert Action Information Bulletin, no. 25, Winter 1986)“ 112 f.

„two other important Knights of Malta in recent history were the aforementioned Michele (‘The Shark’) Sindona and Licio Gelli – two names hardly known in America, but the subject of endless conspirational theorizing in Europe, since both were associated with Roberto Calvi’s weird banking empire. The real beginning of the Calvi-Sindona-Gelli story, however, goes back to the 1940s and the (temporary) collapse of fascism. In spring 1945, when Nazi Germany was in ruins, General Reinhard Gehlen, Chief of Intelligence under Hitler – and another Knight of Malta, remember? – loaded a truck with Top Secret documents and drove to the nearest American Army division he could find, to negotiate a separate peace. … Gehlen soon had an American General’s uniform and was flown to Washington, where he negotiated further. … by the time Gehlen was through negotiating, not only way he the head of what became the CIA’s Soviet penetration section, but a number of other top Nazis soon had CIA jobs as well. … The O.S.S. already had a working relationship with the Mafia in both America and Italy by then. This had been masterminded by the convicteed pimp, Charles Luciano, who in return for an early parole from prison, arranged that the Sicilian Mafiosi would help the invading American Army.“ 136

Gelli was double agent for Gestapo and the Communist underground. „In post-war Rome Gelli began a new business: creating false I.D. For Nazi war criminals fleeing prosecution, and finding them jobs in Latin America. Many eventually ended up working for the CIA or the Latin American Death Squads“ 137

„Gelli formed strong links to ODESSA, the secret society of former SS officers, who seem to be devoted to (a) evading capture by Israeli intelligence and (b) creating a Fourth Reich in Latin America.“ 137

„Gelli had been on the CIA’s payroll since the mid-1950s.“ 137

„Signor Gelli also, sometime in there, got himself on the payroll of the KGB. Thus, in addition to the billions he and his P2 gang were soon earning on their financial fun and games, Gelli was being paid by both Washington and Moscow.“ 137 f.

„By the 1970s, Gelli and his fellow Knight of Malta, Mike the Shark Sidona, had fairly well taken control of Vatican finances, with the connivance of Bishop Paul ‘the Gorilla’ Marcinkus (…) Paul the Gorilla was soon manager of the Vatican Bank and had set up in the Bahamas another bank, called Cisalpine, which he co-owned with the late Roberto Calvi, who at one point owned more banks than anybody in the world – except that most of the banks later turned out to have no existence in the senory space-time world.“ 138

„in the 1970s Paul the Gorilla and Mike the Shark set up a deal in which the American mafia – specifically, the Johnny Roselli family, acting through New York’s Rizzo family – printed a cool billion dollars … in counterfeit stock which was deposited in the Vatican Bank and then disappeared almost totally from the sight of profane investigators. (…) The Vatican Bank is the financial equivalent of a Black Hole. Anything that goes into that extra-mundane realm is forever lost to observation from outside. The Vatican Bank is not subject to bank examiners coming around and probing into the records, because the Vatican is not part of Italy. It is a sovereign nation, like the Sovereign Military Order of Malta which serves it.“ 211 f.

„Many investigators – e.g. columnist Jack Anderson and English journalist Anthony Summers – have claimed there is good evidence that Roselli was involved somehow in the Kennedy assassination. Roselli disappeared while under subpoena by the House Select Committee on Assassinations and was later found dead. Roselli’s close associate, Sam Giancana – who had at least once discussed a plan to assassinate Kennedy, according to one witness before the House Select Committee – was also taken suddenly dead while under subpoena. Sam was shot through the mouth – the sasso in bocca, traditional Mafia punishment for suspected informers.“ 212 f.

„An even worse can of cobras had opened when the police attempted to arrest Licio Gelli, Calvi’s ‘master’ in the P2 pseudo-masonic lodge, and another Knight of Malta. (It is entirely possible that P2 was a SMOM operation all along, disguised to look Masonic so that Masons would get the blame if the lid ever blew.) Gelli skipped Italy before the police could nab him, and investigations about how he had been tipped off revealed that many members of the secret police (devoted to protecting the government) were also members of P2 (devoted to overthrowing the government). This phalanx of double agents included General Musumeci, the Chief of Intelligence, who was subsequently indicted for conspiring, with Calvi, Gelli and others, to take over the government of Italy by a fascist coup.“ 213

„Gelli, after his escape from Italy, was subsequently reported in Uruguay, near the previous home of Klaus Barbie, the Nazi war criminal who had been employed for nearly 40 years by the CIA. It was later revealed that Gelli had helped Barbie get employment with CIA and that the secret P2 lodges Gelli and Ortolini had formed in Latin America played a key role in supporting Vatican and CIA objectives there.

After his 1982 flight to Uruguay, Gelli later returned covertly to Switzerland, to withdraw funds from a numbered bank account. He was apprehended by Swiss police and placed in a maximum security prison in Basel until he could be extradited to Italy. The ‘maximum security’ prison managed to hold Gelli for only three days – 72 hours – and then, in some manner not yet determined, he escaped and was soon back in Uruguay. Curiously, Signor Gelli’s wife left Rome on a flight that allowed her to meet him as soon as he arrived in Uruguay. Sort of sounds like Gelli’s escape was well planned, doesn’t it?“ 214

„Licio Gelli, the Puppet Master himself, was a guest at Reagan’s January 1981 inauguration: there is even a photo of Gelli and Reagan together and they are both smiling, as if at some private and wonderful jest that the rest of us haven’t heard yet.“ 214

„In Italy, the Puppet Master himself, Licio Gelli, is again waiting trial. He had come back to Switzerland to get at those numbered bank accounts a second time – and the Swiss managed to deliver him to the Italian police without another dramatic jail-break occuring.

The Vatican/CIA/P2 drug laundering system worked beautifully for many years. The Death Squads were efficient. The ordinary people of South America would seemingly remain barefoot, illiterate and submissive, on penalty of a bullet in the head if they got uppity. The Vatican and the multinationls were happy. Reagan was happy, and wanted everybody else to become happy, too. The cocaine-money-guns loop had worked very well for over a decade, and all looked rosy for the future. But then – wouldn’t you know it? – somebody double-crosses somebody else and Calvi ended up dangling from the bridge and the whole house of cards started to fall, first in Italy, then in Washington.

Mike the Shark died of poison in his cell in Rome. He had been convicted of murdering a bank examiner and was awaiting a second trial on conspiracy charges.“ 271

„Mad Bill [Casey] like General Musumeci in Italy, died of natural causes while under investigation. Sometimes I wonder if the artits who, in Beria’s words, ‘arrange’ suicides have learned to ‘arrange’ natural deaths’.“ 272

„Calvi used to tell friends that The Godfather was the greatest novel ever written. ‘Read it’, he would say. ‘Then you will understand the way the world really works.“ 272


1996: „In Italy, Calogero Ganci, 34, a member of the Corleone Mafia family, who has been in jail since 1993, suddenly gave a full confession, admitting more than a hundred crimes, including the murder of an anti-Mafia judge. The resulting indictments and new media interest led to more confessions from other Mafiosi in captivity, including one Francesco di Carlo, 51, who confessed to strangling Roberto Calvi and hanging him from that bridge in London.“ 279 f.

ausser dieser Verschwörungstheorie, die sich durch das ganze Buch zieht und häppchenweise präsentiert wird, behandelt Robert A. Wilson in seiner zweiten Autobiographie eine Reihe ganz unterschiedlicher Themen wie die Übereinstimmung zwischen mathematischen Formeln und Sinneseindrücken, die nach wie vor nicht überzeugend erklärt werden konnte; die Zunahme der Wachstumsrate des existierenden Wissens oder den ontologischen Status von Dämonen und ähnlichen Gestalten. Hier eine Auswahl der interessanteren Geschichten und Fakten:

Bob Woodward, Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA

„I was neither shocked nor outraged [at the violence of the police]. I had read enough about the history of labor unions to know that, whenever the Establishment, is annoyed, they send the cops to beat the shit out of people.“ 42

„when opposition to violence becomes hatred of violence it immediately gestates its own violence.“ 44

„It is the business of the schools, and the media, to see that such episodes [of police violence against non-violent protestors] are not remembered.“ 44

„The speaker who I most wanted to hear and who bowled me over was Richard Buckminster Fuller, talking about mathematics and architecture and city planning and global planning and chemistry and metallurgy and semantics and poetry and a few dozen other topics. … Bucky said that, like the other scientists at the seminar, he had been shaken up by Alfred Korzybski’s neurolinguistic theory that words literally can hypnotize us. He had tried the experiment of not talking for a year, in 1928, and had emerged with a whole new way of perceiving the world.“ 52

„’non-linear’ structural relationships explain more than simple additive relationships. Bucky generalized Korzybski’s insight into synergetic geometry, the geometry of non-additive structural relationships.“ 52

„Synergetic thinking … led Fuller to the concept of ephemeralization – ‘doing more with less’. The tendency of technology always moved steadily toward greater and greater epemeralization.“ 53 (economists were still thinking in terms of scarcity while science „was inexorably moving the world toward abundance and super-abundance“)

„Between 1969 and 1973 I was doing a lot more Acid than I admitted in the first Cosmic Trigger (…) and I was combining it with both Positive Thiniking and traditional Cabbalistic Magick.“

„Dr. James DeMeo has a bibliography available listing over 400 papers by more than 100 scientists who have replicated some of the ‘orgone’ experiments of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.“ 69

„I was left with a hautning suspicion that there was a ‘reality’ deeper and more ‘true’ than ordinary ‘reality’.“ 74

„My thesis held that language and hypnosis form the foundation on which humans create worlds of consciousness and of fantasy which no other animals seem able to achieve.“ 77

laut Wilson Urpsrung der Sprache im Konsum von psychedelischen Pflanzen

„We can all see how other people’s BS [believe system] makes them blind and ‘stupid’ at times, but we find it very hard to notice how our own BS is doing the same to us. This is what anthropologists call acculturizatiion. Following Gurdjieff, I prefer to call it hypnosis.“ 78

„very damned few people on the whole planet know how to de-hypnotize themselves“ 79

„ 1. Never believe totally in anybody else’s BS. 2. Never believe totally in your own BS.“ 80

„On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break.“ 95

„Hypnosis exists on all levels of human society, and very few scientists can remember that their favorite models started out as metaphors.“ 97

„’Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.’ – I.F. Stone“

„Orson Welles was doing all those radio shows to finance some experimental stage productions he was directing in Manhattan, which our tribe out in Gerrison Beach never heard of. Among them were a terrifying version of Macbeth with an all-Black cast and genuine Voodoo drummers, a modern-dress Julius Caesar with everybody in fascist uniforms and Caesar played by an actor who looked like Mussolini, and a production of Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus using stage-magic tricks to produce shocks like the ‘special effects’ in movies.“ 104

film: Orson Welles, The Lady from Shanghai

Wilson enjoyed reading „’revisionist’ historians – especially Charles Beard, James J. Martin and Harry Elmer Barnes“ 120

„The film may still be available. It’s called the Stringless Yo-Yo and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to understand how politics works.“ 122

Philipp Wylie, An Essay on Morals

„Myths … express the genetic programs that unconsciously govern us.“ 130

„It soon became clear to me that I was neurotic, that everybody I knew was neurotic, that the world as a whole was mildly paranoid, and that none of the theories of any of the psychologists offered any real hope of curing the madness of our species.“ 130

„until I was middle-aged and had done so much Acid that the only choices left were to really think for myself or to go crazy.“ 133

„I thought she [Any Rand] was a clinical paranoid. It was nearly 30 years later that I found out Rand was merely on speed all the time, which creates an effect so much like paranoia that even trained clinicians cannot always tell the difference, and some even claim there is no difference.“ 134

„language always lies, just because it over-simplifies.“ 135

„Of course, in the symbiosis between the Mob and the Spooks, the Mob thinks it is using the Spooks, and the Spooks think they are using the Mob, and at least one of them is badly deceived…“ 137

„complex numbers with their imaginary numbers as parts of them seem like some ‘head game’ or the mathematical equivalents of Abstract painting. The amazing thing is that, over the past 300 years, scientists have found dozens and dozens of systems in the physical world that can only be described with this occult symbolism. For instance, you can describe direct current electrical currents (DC) without them, but you need them to describe alternating current circuits (AC). You also need them in Relativity, quantum mechanics, television and computer design – and in dozens of other areas of our technology.“ 143

„Somehow, the seemingly unreal world of math (which science treats as real) does connect with the seemingly real world of our senses (which science treats as largely hallucinatory). But the further you read into the ‘philosophy of science’ the more obvious it becomes that the connection has never been explained and looks even more mysterious today than it did 100 years ago.“ 149

„The difference between scientific sppoks (or models) and religious spooks (or models) lies only in the fact that you can actually use the scientific models to predict precise results in the sensory-sensual continuum“ 149

„there are four theories of how the root concepts of math can be validated: 1. the logical theory; 2. the formalist theory; 3. the intuitionst theory; and 4. the set theory.“

ad 1) math derives from logic (B. Russell) – hardly anybody believes this anymore

ad 2) (Hilbert) treating math as a game, like chess in your head, erklärt übereinstimmung kaum, ist aber sonst die überzeugendste

ad 3) (Brouwer) Wilson versteht sie selber zu wenig 😉

ad 4) (Bourbaki) seems very strong at the moment, „It argues that all other parts of math derive from the root concepts of set and class, just as our computers do“ 151

in 1900 „Brooks Adams had already published The Law of Civilization and Decay, in which the Westward movement of Capital throughout history was documented for the first time. Adams did not realize that this trajectory was, more fundamentally, a movement of information – capital being the fruit of technology, i.e. Of information that is totally accurate – but he did see that, if the trend continued, the English Emire would collapse by about 1950 and be replaced by an American Empire.“ 157

„In a farm in Mendocino, 1972, I was prepating for the Mass of the Phoenix, a ritual designed by Aleister Crowley in which the magician attempts to activate his ‘True Will’. I had taken 250 micrograms of acid, played some Beethoven, and, when I felt ready, I went to my makeshift Altar and began the Invocation.

East of the Altar see me stand
With Lighr and Musick in mine hand!

I lifted the Cakes of Light and chanted the next lines:

This Bread I eat. This Oath I swear.
As I enflame myself with prayer:
‘There is no grace; there is no guilt:
This is the law: DO WHAT THOU WILT!

Suddenly, the room was invaded by dog-faced demons who formed a ring around me. They were black and quite sinister, and they slavered or frothed a bit at the mouth, and they looked quite as solid as the bed and writing table behind them. Oh, damn, I thought, Crowley always warned us this sort of thing could happen, but I never took that seriously. I thought it was another of his jokes. Now what do I do?

On one level, I was seriously frightened; but on another level, I felt confident of my hard-learned ability to navigate in the Infernal regions of psychedelic space – or in the qliphotic astral realm, or whatever you want to call this particular unlovely reality tunnel. I recalled something from H.P. Lovecraft: ‘Do not call up any that you cannot put down.’ That was not helpful. But then I remembered from some book on shamanism: ‘If you feed Them, they will become Allies instead of Foes.’ I concentrated on party food and the Altar was suddenly full of shrimp cocktails with hot red sauce. I hadn’t planned that, and it surprised and amused me. I had unconsciously invoked one of my favourite snacks.

I began distributing the shrimp cocktails to the demons. They accepted them and then turned into all the nuns I remembered from my grammar school days. They also shrunk into rather comic dwarfs. In school they had been bigger than me, but now I was bigger than them. They had lost all ability to terrify me. I started to laugh, and realized the ritual was, in one sense, ruined. (In another sense, it had been a great success…) I broke the circle and ‘grounded’ the energy and the nuns faded away.

Then I sprawled on the bed and laughed like a blithering idiot for a half hour. That was one of the many, many times I felt totally convinced that all the ‘entities’ invoked in Magick are parts of our own minds. Then the room started to shake. The bed was jumping like a scene from The Exorcist and the whole house seemed to shift on its moorings. Just another California earthquake. Coincidence. Only a minor trembler, actually.“ 176 f.

„Celtic pagan rituals take the form of a dance made up of an inward-turning spiral followed by an outward-turning spiral.“ 181

„ancient Irish burial grounds were laid out to form a double spiral when seen from above – an inward spiral and an outward spiral. This was alleged to represent death and rebirth.“ 181

„Back in the 1920s, as these trajectories were becoming clear to a few, Dr. H. J. Mackinder in Englang was formulating a new philosophy of Global Thinking. Mackinde saw a New World Order rising eventually out of the chaos of competing Empires and tried to teach people to think and plan globally.“ 185

„We got back into the bus and drove to Newgrange. This is the most important symbol in Finnegans Wake, the egg from which all Creation emerges (sometimes personified as Humpty Dumpty, and sometimes calendarized into 28 flowergirls representing the 28 day cycle of the human ovum). Like the other Boyne Valley monuments, this is pre-Celtic, older than the pyramids and we know nothing about who built it or why. It is the biggest of the Boyne Valley structures, and the most eldritch. Archaeologists recently discovered that at the dawn of Midwinter morning every year, the sun, coming over the hill of Tara, sends a beam down the vaginal tunnel from the entrance of Newgrange to its central chamber, which is then suddenly and shockingly illuminated like a dark theatre when the houselights come back on.


I suddenly had a ‘leap of intuition’. I could see the builders of Newgrange, back in Stone Age, gathering in the central chamber for Initiation Rituals on Midwinter Eve. They are their magic mushrooms and explored Virtual Reality in the womb-like dark all through the long winter night and then – at dawn – Illumination flooded the chamber as Father Sun shot his seed over the phallic Stone of Tara into the egg-withing-an-egg of the Earth Mother’s womb at Newgrange. A ‘symbolism both sexual and mathematical’, from which Freemasonry had emerged…“ 203 f.

„Since TV took over, it takes $100 million to run a campaign for the Presidency, $30 million by campaign for the Senate and $10 million to campaign for the House. (Figures from Buckminster Fuller, Grunch of Giants.) Guess where the politicians get that kind of money. Then guess who owns the government.“ 221

„I learned a lot about Third Choice systems – social doctrines that were neither Capitalist nor Marxist – at the School of Living, which had a great library of radical and off-beat literature. It was there that I found and read all the issues of Liberty, the individual-anarchist magazine edited by the brilliant Benjamin R. Tucker … I also read all the issues of Mother Earth, the communist-anarchist magazine of Emma Goldman, where I perused with excitement what scholars call ‘primary sources’ – contemporary accounts of the trials of Joe Hill, Big Bill Heywood and other founders of the Industrial Workers of the World.“ 225

„in 1981 I read Bucky Fuller’s Critical Path, in which he stated that by 1989 we would either have nuclear war or a radical change in the whole world order.“ 232

„I heard a mathematician, Theodore J. Gordon, read a paper to the World Future Society, demonstrating that fractal unpredictability increases in any system where information flow increases.“ 233

George Anderla

„If the rate of increase of information does have the structure of a Mandelbrot set, as Mckenna claims, by the year 2012 we should have information doubling every day and, later in the year, every hour and then every nanosecond. I cannot imagine what this means practically in terms of social change, because every doubling of information in the past has resulted in totally unexpected social revolutions, violent or non-violent.“

„suddenly I understood that the meek never inherit a damned thing, only the very brave and very stubborn make any impact on the world.“ 243

„Where Mechanism is and Mind is not, War happens.“ 248

in 1965 „a physicist names Joseph S. Bell had published a notable Theorem, which showed that the universe was non-locally ‘connected’, or perhaps more precisely, non-locally correlated. Particles could ‘influence’ each other, or relate to each other, even though there was no mechanical Newtonian or Einsteinian cause-and-effect relationship between them.“ 251

„In 1967, Caskey, Marshal and Nirenberg showed that the genetic code operated similarily on bacteria, guinea pigs and toads, suggesting that the code is a universal system used by all Life.“ 252

„but [Martin Luther Jr.] King and [Robert] Kennedy would be both assasinated within a year – by two of the ‘deranged lone assassins’ who were becoming as common in America then as crashed beer cans on a beach. Even people who were educated (like me) to regard conspiracy theories with acute scepticism were beginning to wonder, a little, about where all those ‘lose’ gunmen came from.“ 252

„The U.S. Ruling elite for the first time was totally out of favor with the nation’s intellectual elite. One hundred fifty thousand Americans marched on the Pentagon in protest, and I was among them. It was a nervous day: the ‘crazies’ (as we called them) were now a prominent part of the movemenr, and nobody knew how many of them were really crazy and how many were agents provocateurs.“ 252

„I don’t think evolution ‘is’ ‘blind’ or ‘mechanical’. I think the increasing movement toward an information-rich environment contains, as Schrödinger claimed, an anti-entropic vector. We are passing through Chaos but we will not end in Chaos.“ 264

in 1973 „Konrad Lorenz and Nic Tinbergen received the Nobel Prize for their pioneering work on imprinting in animals. In America, Timothy Leary was in prison, and nobody in the scientific community was talking about his calim that LSD producses imprint vulnerability and the possibility of serial imprinting in humans.“ 266

„Also in 1973, Iraq nationalized oil, causing great anguish to the multi-national oil corporations. The government of Saudi Arabia, the same year, more modestly cut itself in for 25% of the profits on its oil fields and remained on good terms with the Oil Barons.“ 266

„There are several alternate models of what Bell’s math ‘means’ when we try to convert it into worlds [words?]. I find them all equally fascinating and have discussed them in my Schroedinger’s Cat trilogy and in Quantum Psychology.“ 268

„the pursuit of power is the quest for the unattainable by the unphilosophical through the tactics of the unspeakable.“ 273

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