Today I has one of the most beautiful dreams ever. We were at the beach or some kind of esplanade near a lake or sea and suddenly a myriad of strange objects began appearing on the sky. I can’t recall all of them but one of the weirdest was a firey circle that was moving, it was never a full circle but more of a burning line that was moving in a circle (not a spiral). It disappeared quite quickly though. There were other things also but the most amazin was that there were actually two suns in the sky. Not too far away from each other.

When I noticed them I talked with everyone around me to make sure that it wasn’t just me who saw them. It turned out that I wasn’t. We were all in a very special state of mind, enthusiastic and overwhelmed with joy to witness this spectacular phenomenon.

I then went somewhere else (Biel?) and talked with other people (from the Coupole) who weren’t there with me to find out whether it was real or a collective hallucination. It not only turned out that they saw it as well but also that the second sun hadn’t disappeared since then. At some point I mentioned to them that I was actually a time traveller from the past and that I was trying to bring back the information when exactly the second sun will appear. Unfortunately no date survived the dream.

I went somewhere else one more time (again a beach maybe?) and started observing the sky. Not only did I see the two sunds but again lot of strange objects appeared in the sky, among them a very clearly visible small silver UFO moving from right to left.

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