new dreams

Dream I:

I have an appointment at work with the women responsible for funding my work. She shows me a movie in which they present a new technology which helps translate thoughts into matter (?). She explains that the organization/company which has invented this technology is looking for people who would be interested in receiving money for testing the functioning of this machine and asks me whether I would be interested in applying for a place in this project. I am very enthusiastic about thos proposal and answer that indeed I would be very interested in working with them since I believe anyway that there is a connection between our thoughts and reality although I find it a bit exaggerated to say that thoughts create reality. Rather i believe that it is a process of co-creation. She looks at me puzzled 😉 [there was also another project that she wanted me to participate in but i don’t remember what it was about]

Dream II:

I am supposed to spin dubstep at a party @ Dachstock, Bern. I put my CD case in a backpack and leave home with my brother. On our way (in the tram?) we meet Michel, a friend from university. I start discussing with him the importance of writing a new philosophy of mathematics. I argue that although a lot of the contents of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus is outdated by now, it is nevertheless important to use his formalism. Michel does not quite understand what I mean so I try to explain that although mathematics has changes a lot in the last hundred years, it is still necessary to try to write its philosophy in as simple terms as possible. Suddenly I realize that we missed our stop and drove back to our district. I get out of the tram and try to go into town by foot. At Burgernziel I see another tram going in the direction of Ostring. I jump on it and now I am alone. In the tram I realize that it might be best to call a taxi. When I get out of the tram I meet a girl that I know from somewhere but don’t recognize. We start talking and suddenly I know that it’s Judith with whom I went to high school. She wants to catch the bus in direction of Breitenrain. I try to call a cab from her mobile phone which is a difficult task in a dream. Suddenly I realize that I don’t have my backpack anymore. I go back to the tram stop and see that there is a tram standing there. I ask the driver whether he has found a backpack and he says that no, that the only thing he has found is this: and he shows me my CD case. I am very happy to have it back but then I realize that almost all CDs are gone.

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