Breaking Convention conference in London, 12-14 July

I have received confirmation today that my presentation proposal for the biennial conference on psychedelic consciousness called Breaking Convention ( got accepted – I get 30 minutes including time for questions/discussion. Yippie 🙂

here is the essence of my abstract:

“The thesis that I would like to present is that the altered states of consiousness resulting from the ingestion of DMT can be modelled on the hierarchy of states of consciousness as presented for example by Ken Wilber who aims for a integral model of consiousness encompassing the Western as well as the Eastern traditions. I propose that while low and very low doses of DMT result in higher dual states of consciousness, high and very high doses of DMT can help us attain non-dual states of consciousness.

This hypothesis will be tested with the method of qualitative content analysis of a high number of DMT trip repors that have been published online and are thus easily accessible for research purposes.”

I was planning a trip to London anyway because there will be a Paul Laffoley (, exhibition @ Hayward Gallery (

On a related note: I am currently working on my first post for Psychedelic Adventure ( for whom I will be guest blogging in the future. The subject will be a discussion of possible reasons for a demonization of psychedelic substances in contemporary society.

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