Quote from Felix Guattari on the evolution of repressive societies

I am writing an article arguing that it is misleading to speak of neoliberalism or democracy in order to characterize contemporary society. This quote from Felix Guattari sums up some aspects of what is bothering me about the world we live in today:

„The repressive societies now being established have two new characteristics: repression is softer, more diffuse, more generalized, but at the same time much more violent. For all who can submit, adapt, and be channeled in, there will be a lessening of political intervention. (…) repression will be more psychologically comprehensive. The work of prostitutes will have to be recognized, there will be a drug advisor on the radio – in short, there will be a general climate of understanding acceptance. But if there are categories and individuals who escape this inclusion, if people attempt to question the general system of confinement, then they will be exterminated like the Black Panthers in the U.S., or their personalities exterminated as it happened with the Red Army Fraction in Germany.“ – Felix Guattari, Why Italy?

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