selection of relevant staments from DMT trip reports for my presentation @ Breaking Convention


Emotions/Insights/higher vibration/DNA:

„Each time my attention was pointed to one of these intersections/nodes a vision followed by a revelation would envelope me along with an emotion I can only describe as pure elation and awe.“ #5

“The faces were good…and they were bad. They looked at me and asked me to choose. They were two opposite images that met in the middle and merged. I knew that it wasn’t just images, something was showing me the duality of nature. It was like there were two true things and that both were the perfect opposite of each other. They each said, ‘the other is a lie’, and they were both right. It was paradox. I felt that I was supposed to try to discern which was true (later on I wondered if I was supposed to be able to accept that things were this way, that maybe nothing was true).” # 28

“ABSOLUTELY the most love and caring and safety I’ve felt in a long time.” # 38

“I felt like I now possessed an uncanny wisdom so powerful and so essential to my being that I retained a wonderful sense of self-confidence and peace.” #41

“I was completely euphoric.” # 45

“Immediately my pulse & heart rate sped up, as did the timbre of my entire level of energetic vibration.” # 58

“It was as though I myself was god, moving through liquid ecologies of god, the self-crystallizing emerald labyrinths of the tryptamine dreamtime, a marvelous infundibulum of plasmoidal calisthenics.” # 66

“In the days and weeks following I felt that something had been conveyed to me that was enabling me to live my life better.” # 80

“I remember literally writhing in ecstasy” # 83

“I felt overcome by an enormous sense of maternal love.” # 98

“It is difficult to describe, but it seemed “fourth-dimensional”. Meaning I was in a place at once both outside and inside the 3rd dimension, and I could see all sides of everything (and the inside) simultaneously.” # 118

“Beyond this point, any attempt to linguistically describe what is totally alingual. Moving too fast for description at first and then too fast for conceptualisation in the deeper stages” # 127

“The first thing I felt was an acceleration in momentum.” # 136

“I let it do something to my third eye chakra, it feels like or a sense of “resequencing of my DNA, to a higher level of light activation”.” # 141

“She showed me the doorway to eternal bliss” # 152

“There were spirals of what looked like DNA, red and green.” #156

“I felt as if I were moving at light speed through the collective consciousness” # 157

“There were spirals that reminded me of things I’ve seen at Chaco Canyon. Maybe that was DNA. Maybe the ancients knew that. The DNA is backed into the universe like space travel.” # 158

“It’s like threads of words or DNA or something. They’re all around there, they’re everywhere.” # 161

“It was more as if they were blessing me, the spirits of life were blessing me. They were saying that life was good.” # 174

“I felt evolution occurring. These intelligences are looking over us. There is hope beyond the mess we are making for ourselves.” # 179

“… DMT has shown me the reality that there is infinite variation on reality. There is the real possibility of adjacent dimensions. It may not be so simple as that there’s alien planets with their own societies. This is too proximal. It’s not like some kind of drug. It’s more like an experience of a new technology than a drug.” # 182

“The thought came to me with certainty that they were manipulating my DNA, changing its structure.” # 186

“There were no more emotions, because emotions work only up to a certain point.” # 195

“I was looking for God outside. They said, “God is in every cell of your body. “” # 197

“As I began drinking from the flask, my field of vision was drawn into the contents of the flask. I zoomed in, closer and closer until I realized with a start that I was drinking DNA; I could make out the strands and then the double helixes and then as a single strand loomed to fill my vision, it began to unwind, and I followed the strand _simultaneously_ in both directions at once, forward and backward in time, a strange but pleasant sensation.
What followed was an incredible experience; I felt myself morphing into various species, all feeling very familiar. It was not so much visual as it was what it actually felt like to be in the mind and body of first a fish, then a frog, then a snake, an eagle, a lion … I was experiencing the unfolding of life itself, and realizing, as I had realized the night before and on other trips and meditations, that the story of life is not one of simple chance and contingency influenced so much by natural selection, as we observe in the greater physical realm, but rather it is directed by a simple life force of pure energy which operates on the smallest of conscious, sentient levels, down to the very molecules, atoms, even quarks and smaller where matter and energy blend and are really one and the same.

All of it is conscious, the entire universe is conscious and connected, at every level and every size, and we are nothing more than manifestations, physical packages, containers of that pre-existing everlasting all-pervading consciousness. DNA strands are nothing more than books, physical mnemonics, stable energy forms of ideas and patterns, that worked and are written, saved and read back by this all-pervading life-force.

Working patterns of DNA are not simply selected by pure chance, as classic evolutionary theory would have us believe, it is being written and directed by something much greater, much more pervasive, and much more subtle than we’ve ever till now supposed, and this all-pervasive awareness is finally being realized in the West through quantum mechanics, evolutionary theory, mythology, psychology, synchronicity, and most especially, psychonautics.” # 209

“so full of incredible love and it reached out for me and bid me welcome…” # 215

“I was transformed into the ultra-high-frequency orgasmic goblin that is a human being in DMT ecstasy.” # 218

“We are all gods, with the knowledge of gods, we are all omniscient, except for the fact that we are so damn stupid.” # 219

“SWIM had never felt such a deep feeling of love before. He was in a realm where nothing else mattered, just love. The only present emotions were peace and love.” # 227

“The “voice” spoke to me (as thoughts in my own head).
“DMT is the gateway.
‘Self’ is transpersonal and hyperdimensional.
Tell others what you have experienced.
DMT is the gateway.”
That’s pretty much it. “ #230

“A telepathic voice informed me there was an immortal component of the human being. It explained that the deathless soul was continually reborn in many different times and places and in many different bodies on a variety of planets over the course of a vast intergalactic adventure.” # 232

“We are far too simple as humans to grasp this universe of all that is, all that surrounds us, and and all that is a part of us. It exists without our acknowledgement or understanding, yet it is not independent of us….. it IS us. Which is why it can be so hard to grasp, because after all…. how much do we really know about ourselves, actually KNOW about ourselves? “ # 236

“everytime SWIM comes back from this world his body is in pure euphoria.” # 257

“which for a brief moment exposed my friends and lover as holograms. I could see through them, and I saw their light bodies and chakras.Through the walls I saw into a new dimension of space, and saw hieroglyphic equations revealing themselves to be intelligent processes of the wiring under the board.” # 260

“our corporeal existence is critical to the ongoing of much other universal activity; so much else has put us here, and is keeping us here in this body! We each have, for ‘good’ reason to be born and to have to endure this life. The needs of the universe are served by our lives being what we are. There are impossibly numerous ‘other’ things going on, which we do not need to know about to ‘succeed’ with our corporeal purpose; just be born, live, reproduce and die from your body… And that’s our job, well done!” #262
“I felt as if I had layers, above my physical body, on top of my skin, four different levels of unseen mass. I was able to switch between them instantly, and each dimension of conciousness had a different feeling. I could still feel my physcial body, but it was deeply buried under these layers. I came to the realisation that we all have these layers of consciousness.” # 283

“What I had experienced left me in a state of incredibly immense awe, confusion, and other deep emotions for which there are no words.” # 294

“I begin to feel the most all-pervading sense of bliss and joy I have ever felt. I catch a glimpse of what it is to be one with everything around you, a glimpse of wholeness…” # 298

“The crux of everything is that I know now that we are all God/dess in God/dess experiencing everything for God/dess.
All moments, places and events are sacred.
Every thought, every word and every act is a prayer.” # 312

“There is no fear. There is Trust and Caring, Compassion and Love.” # 325

“There is so much more to this experience called Life than what we have been told or taught. A bit of resentment comes up. We are heavily being cheated on life.” # 325

Entities/other realities:

„, it seemed that the spirits were all around me. Wherever I looked, the swirling patterns transmogrified into these oscillating things which clearly acted independently of my own thoughts. At least that was the overwhelming perception I had.“ #1

„So for what seemed like centuries I played with the trippy freaky elves and they kept bringing me into atrium after atrium in the antics annex, and all I could do was wonder when we would get to their front door. As far as I know, we never did. Instead they said many things, though I can’t say they used what we would call a voice to accomplish this communication. I remember only parts of this. At first they said, ‘Build this’, indicating hyperspace. Later they amended this by saying, ‘Build it. He will come.’ from the movie Field of Dreams.“ #2

„I recall closing my eyes and immediately seeing what I can only describe as a female creature that reminded me of a medieval witch. Her head was triangular but her body appeared to have the same shape as a human-like figure. She almost appeared animated, yet I could not call her ‘cartoon-like’. What I will never forget is the life in her eyes. Unlike the visions I’ve experienced with other psychedelics, this vision did not seem connected to my ego in any way. It appeared to exist on its own, completely independent of myself.“ #9

“Zarkov’s first vision was a stadium full of hostile giant insect creatures that he was familiar with from previous mushroom trips. However, immediately the DMT ‘banshee’ creatures floated in and sang this message, ‘Aren’t they a dull and pompous bunch! But don’t worry, they can’t get at you because we are here.’ These ‘banshee’ creatures were a common occurence in Zarkov’s DMT trips.” #30
“I closed my eyes and was immediately face to face with a supreme being of sorts. It had no face, and its form was like a string of multicoloured lights constantly morphing; like a clown making a series of balloon animals, beginning with a dog, he alters a couple of parts, holds it differently to reveal a dolphin, and so on. It was certainly a living presence, and without a face it was still somehow staring eye to eye with me as though it knew everything about my entire life. There was no sense of emotional attachment, but there was definite supra-linguistic communication happening.” # 40

“Though it did not look like a being, I could feel it had personal intent, it was conscious! In fact, its movements seemed intended to fill me with one-way non-verbal information!” # 95

“He knew I was there in his space, he was very, very aware of me being there and took great joy in teasing me.” # 95
“There are beings that are here the whole time from the very moment I entered the trip right to the moments of trying to get out of it. They seemed to have been waiting for me.” # 97
“I was jetisoned into a fractal cathedral which shifted into an entity that was communicating with color and shape. The entity was the language and was self-replicating. I understood everything it was telling/showing me. It pictorially told me that I had been here before and that I had come this time to assist it and give it access to the third dimension.” # 103

“An extremely alien alien was sitting on my chest with its hands (claws? metal pseudopods?) reaching deep into my body.
Needless to say, I was terrified. The alien was strongly insectoid in form, and darkly metallic in texture, like hematite. Its head was wedge-shaped and tripled. Three images of its head shifted in and out of each other with a constant frequency, like a television representation of drunken double vision. Each image was slightly different in color and shape, though, and I wondered if each represented a different way of seeing.” # 128

“This voice was saying, “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m gonna help you, I’m gonna make you feel better… I am good for you.” I don’t know… it was just a really comforting person, entity. And it was from this grid-work structure. It was male, definitely, I know it was male. And it did have energy, as well, I know it had energy. Before, I looked at this grid-like structure from a distance, and I thought it was… not man-made, but could be man-made. But when I was inside it, it had energy like other people do. It was just really nurturing to me, so I suppose I relaxed, and was comforted by it, and trusted it. Then it carried on talking to me, saying, “I will heal you. You won’t have any problems, forget everything that you’re thinking at the moment, you shouldn’t be thinking it. Just trust me and you’ll be fine, this will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before in your life.” I relaxed into it and I found myself suspended in mid-air, in the middle of these points which were leading off this grid-work structure. Once I was relaxed enough, it sent out this ectoplasm… Well, I call it that ’cause that’s what it’s called in Ghostbusters! (laughs) It was this silky, creamy stuff which came out of its points, and it covered me totally, I was completely covered from head to toe.” # 138

“It was very intelligent. It wasn’t at all humanoid. It wasn’t a bee but it seemed like one. It was showing me around the hive. It was extremely friendly, and I felt a warm sensual energy radiating throughout the hive. I decided it must be a wonderful thing to live in a loving and sensual environment such as that. It said to me that this was where our future lay.” # 188

“Suddenly, beings appeared. They were cloaked, like silhouettes. They were glad to see me. They indicated that they had had contact with me as an individual before. They seemed pleased that we had discovered this technology. I felt like a spiritual seeker who had gotten too far off course and, instead of encountering the spirit world, overshot my destination and ended up on another planet.
They wanted to learn more about our physical bodies. They told me humans exist on many levels” # 192

“All of a sudden off to the upper right I see a figure. She looks like an African War Goddess. She is black, carries a spear, a shield, and appears to have a mask on. I have surprised her. She takes a defensive and aggressive posture. She says, “YOU DARE TO COME HERE?!”” # 206

“I did see intelligent insect alien god beings who explained that they had created us, and were us in the future, but that this was all taking place outside of linear time. Then they telepathically scanned me, fucked me, and ate me.” # 213

“Let me preface by saying that there is a hyperdimensional reality out there every bit as real, complex, and inhabited as our own.” # 216

“The first few times I broke through, I was greeted by numerous beings. One particular time there was excess of forty of these creatures that seemed individual but morphing from one source at the same time. They were so excited and were diving into my body and whizzing around it, recharging it. This was an amazing experience” # 222
“That place where the elves are is only the begining of hyperspace and this time he went beyond elfland to the void. His spirit totally left his body and travelled around the world riding on the magnetic field lines of the earth. All forms of transmitted frequencies were heard like TV stations, cell phones, radio stations and he even was able to tune in to a radio station from Venezuela (he is in Canada though). The beauty of this place he was at was incredible. He had no body, he was just another one of these electromagnetic lines. Suddenly he finds himself among these strange people dressed like Vikings, all with blue hair, and one of these guys in particular was staring at SWIM with a grin on his face as he walked passed him. This guy had blue hair and also a blue beard and was pretty cleancut. The detail seemed more real than reality itself.” # 296

“During my initial encounters with the entities in the substance I smoked only a little and they taught me the way to smoke and began to ‘speak’ clearly to me as I was using the substance. They taught me the importance of the communication that is available when you are inside their space. A language based solely on love.
Over a period of months they led me through several shamanic initiations culminating in two that I will explain here.” # 312

Feeling of familiarity:

„They kept saying welcome back and words like: the big winner, he has returned, welcome to the end and the beginning, you are The One! As I looked around the room I felt the sense of some huge celebration upon my entry to this place. [..] . It felt like returning home. It felt familiar. It felt like I was waking up from a hollow, pale dream of reality. I felt god-like and omnipotent. I realized the this gift was not only a gift but equally a death sentence for my physical body. I felt like I had been chosen to receive this not out of benevolence but out of a need to release this power and perception There had to be The One, to relieve the others. There had to be The One who perceived completely. I felt like Christ at the moment of realization of godhood and the inevitable moment of his crucifixion. I also felt like all this knowledge and perception was far too large to be processed by my physical mind and that death was the obvious transition.“ #3

„I knew that I, that is, my mind, had left my body and was in the realm of the basic entity of the universe — where consciousnesses reside when they are not tied to a body on our Earthly reality. I was aware that this is where spirits/souls reside if their body dies and probably where they are before you are born. After you are born, it is still there, but your mind becomes solely concerned with your body (until you are released by DMT). I knew that it was possible to enter this ‘realm of the gods’ without DMT — it just involved losing all beliefs and constructs.“ #15

„The DMT space has a familiar feel to it. When I go to the DMT space, I often think, now I remember, this is where I have been before.” # 18

“immediately I knew I was where I always go to, but always forget about. Like a corridor that I always go through but never can pull the recollection out of the trip.” # 97

“I knew I was going through the first bardo of death, that I had been here many times before, and it was OK.” # 105

“It felt like going backward from life in a physical body to life as simply an energy form with no body. The essence of who I am was alone in the void, back in the staging area for life where souls wait to incarnate.” # 189

“All the while, I kept experiencing some sense of deja-vu, as if I had been in this space before, only I knew that I hadn’t.” # 244

“This sounds crazy, but I know I have been to this place before. I can’t really explain what makes me feel this way, but I have no doubt in my mind. I felt as though I was shown my place of origin. “ # 294

Being outside of time and space:

“Time, the way we experience it normally, seemed to stop, only to reveal a world of infinite knowledge and beauty.” #20

“It was like opening a bunch of doors to witness frenetic activity that was always there even when I wasn’t looking. There seemed to be an infinite number of interdimensional spaces to explore, and no symmetry. ain in a pulsing geometric type way. It seems that I’m in this vortex for an eternity. Also, I feel a LOT of fear right now, like my soul is leaving my body and is being taken somewhere else.” # 47

“ I was being propelled through time and space, and I honestly felt like I was dead and what I was seeing was a reflection of my life, or human life in general, and a higher power was showing me how delicate life is and how small a piece of existence I am.” # 56

“The word changing suggests that this was a time-linear process. I don’t think this is the case. I believe that during the trance the whole message and its variations were there at once, from the start. There is a different meaning to time in the DMT state, and the notion of linear temporal order that we usualiy believe, is not valid or useful. All the information is always immediately there and the idea of linearity comes from our linear habits of attention and the fact that we do not yet know how to see/hear/perceive several messages simultaneously and consciously, so we string them out for perceptual convenience.“ # 65

“There’s an impression of timespace crinkling and morphing, pulling away somehow in some non-timespacey way, to reveal … a different timespace. It seems to be a complete universe, but I can’t really confirm that suspicion.” # 101

“I concluded I had broken out of time and space” # 105

“It is difficult to describe, but it seemed “fourth-dimensional”. Meaning I was in a place at once both outside and inside the 3rd dimension, and I could see all sides of everything (and the inside) simultaneously.” # 107

“Time draws itself up into a tight knot, much as a New Year’s Eve telescoping party toy coils upon itself.” # 133

“Finally all space collapsed and time ceased to exist. I was stuck in the “real” world, the world that lasted for eternity.” # 152

“Time is removed. You no longer experience time, so everything but It disappears. It is outside of spacetime.” # 155

“he existed in a dimension where time was meaningless.
My theory is that time is really just a perception that our minds make up. When your mind leaves your body, you enter a dimension which is controlled by a completely different set of rules. What is in front of you, behind you and to the side of you can all be perceived at once. Our eyes make it possible only to see what is on the surface, and what is directly in front of us. When you leave your body, leave your eyes, you are able to see the true meaning of things, and what lies beneath the surface.
The overall message of this DMT trip and most of SWIM’s DMT trips is that there is something much bigger out there.” # 227

“There was a feeling that I would never die, and that death doesn’t even “exist”. I experienced a feeling of direct perception of extraordinary awareness of transdimensional, transpersonal existence, i.e., knowing timelessness.” # 231

“Time didn’t really seem to exist, I had the feeling I could take as long as I liked with the toy they handed me, and it would only end when I wanted it to … which it did.” # 287

“It was the first time I had the revelation that time isn’t linear — that it’s a conglomerate mass that we travel through, and we only perceive this small string of what’s actually going on. So while I thought, ‘I’m going to die today’, I realised ‘today is every day’.” # 299

Learning other ways of rising vibration:

„Everything around me was black, except for the beings, who appeared to be brightly glowing blue light beings. This time I was not greeted per se, but rather they were all doing yoga. There were several of them, poised in mannequin-like yoga positions, and sharing their wisdom through my attentiveness.“ #7

„There were glowing lights surrounding me, which were teaching me holistic breathwork techniques.“ #8

“It showed me the part of my brain I needed to exercise to let the DMT come over me.” #25

“This was my first very real alien encounter. The being was controlling the way I was breathing almost as some esoteric pranayama to lock me into a different form of consciousness.” # 95

“Their fingers moved very rapidly into mudras which they again paralleled with my own movements as rapidly as a Huntsman spider, moving with the exhalation until the middle of the exhalation where all movement stopped then reversed into another mudra form with the rest of the exhalation. These movements were highly spiritual and esoteric, made yoga postures seem like egotistical naïve poses.” # 97

“There was literally a flood of beings saying, “Okay, remember when you were young and idealistic and wanted to learn how to do bodywork?”” # 204


“blended together into one giant s-bend, which quickly took a more defined shape and revealed itself to be an enormous serpent. It was an anaconda, with a head the size of a human’s, located approximately three feet in front of me” # 58

changed perception of other people:

“Looking at Z, I see that he’s losing more resolution fast, but becoming VERY colorful and almost geometric, like stained glass. “ # 48

“My friend had a strange colour to his body. It was like he had an aura very close to his skin. “ # 95

“My girlfriend looked like a machine-goddess, her face glowing with iridescent patterns of symmetrical color.” # 98

“saw my friend. He looked like… loads of oranges and reds, like a cubist painting, really three-dimensional. I wouldn’t have recognized him if he hadn’t spoken, or maybe I would have felt it was him, but it wasn’t until he spoke that I realized that it was him. He was like a cubist painting, and his eyes were like target ranges, red dots.” # 138

“my friend sitting next to me turned into something like a wooden and liquid-in-nature Native American. He turned into his “true” form.” # 152

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