Upcoming Projects

exciting times ahead for DJ Milosz:

after cooking for what seems like eternity, I finally finished compiling the next release on my label, called 11:33, feat. tracks from some of my favourite “darkpsy” artists ranging from 166 to 197 bpm. They are currently being mastered by Kashyyyk (aka Pablo Kamino) and artwork is being done by none other than Ihti Anderson. Expect a release in early 2014.

I am almost finished with the next installment in my “This is psycore” (others call it hi-tek) series, vol. 5. This will be my first full-length exploration into very fast psytrance, between 180 and 190 bpm. I got very good feedback from the dancefloor last weekend so this one should go down well.

As some of you might have noticed I have been exploring the slower bpms as well in the last years and decided to present my interpretations of contemporary techno music in a series of short mixes calles Monochrome. Part 1 coming very soon.

I am also working on the long overdue drum’n’bass mix and hope to finish it before xmas.

Next week is Coupole time: https://www.facebook.com/events/593180197405850/?fref=ts and then off to Brasil for this: https://www.facebook.com/universoparalelloofficial?fref=ts (my biggest festival so far and I am hyper-excited 😉 I am preparing a special “trip to jupiter” mix for this one.

And 2014 promises to stay exciting with a Mexico tour in March and a Japan tour in July already schedlued. Life is fun 🙂

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