the truth cannot be suppressed!

this confirms my own impression after watching a video from TV news dated 9 september 2002 where it is obvious that the plane was a holofram and never hit the tower, just disappered “in it”.

thanks Wiktor for the link:

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One Response to the truth cannot be suppressed!

  1. Alicja Skarbinska-Zielinska says:

    from the comments :

    The posts I’ve read here just confirm how little intelligence you guys have and how things have to be spelled out in black and white for you to understand. When the article says that no Boeing 767 airliners hit the twin towers, he means that the planes that hit were not Boeing 767s!!! Not a denial of the fact that two planes hit two buildings! Read the article again please!

    Wiadomo∂ś napisana przez djmilosz w dniu 2014-03-06, o godz. 11:43:

    > >

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