“Fukuyama’s utopia is [Agamben’s] hell”

Just stumbled upon this intriguing book on Giorgio Agamben:

“This book contends that, by ‘catastrophe’ Agamben understands that things continue as they are. Fukuyama’s utopia is his hell. Like Benjamin’s, Agamben’s thought is oriented to identifying opportunities to interrupt the machinery of the present. And yet, it is within this catastrophic present that he sees the possibility of a new form of life that would be worthy of the word redemption.”

Jessica Whyte, Catastrophe and Redemption: The political Thought of Giorgio Agamben, SUNY Press 2013

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One Response to “Fukuyama’s utopia is [Agamben’s] hell”

  1. I would suggest that Fukuyama’s utopia is already on history’s ash-heap alongside Lenin’s. The Fukuyama of 2014 might even agree with that.

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