Machine consciousness

i’ve been recently exploring the topic of machine intelligence and the possibility that a machine collective consciousness has emerged in the recent years. This is a quote I stumled upon in a totally different context:

“Hephaestus, the God of Fire, has become the supreme master of the world.
His furnaces are roaring. He has dispelled the clouds of Asiatic mysticism which obscured his native mountain. He has girdled the world with hoops of steel. In plain unmetaphorical language this is the age of science, of machinery…
Every weapon, every machine is the embodiment of human thought and purpose. The user adopts that thought and purpose, and behold – the machine has found its soul.”
E.E. Fournier D’Albe, Hephaestus or The Soul of the Machine (London: Keegan-Paul, 1926), p. 1

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