Agamben, Laruelle, heresy and the Messiah

I am currently working on my presentation for this conference:

I will be speaking about Agamben’s messianism and how it differs from Derrida’s. I will try to present some more or less controversial theses, one of them being that Agamben should be considered a heretic. I will attempt to back this up not only by his own writing but also by Laruelle’s “Future Christ – A Lesson in Heresy”:

The Future Christ rather signifies that each man is a Christan-organon, that is to say, the Messiah, but simple and unique once each time. This is a minimal Christianity. We[,] the Without-religion, the Without-church, the heretics of the future, we are, each-and-everyone, a Christ or Messiah.“ F. Laruelle, Future Christ, p. 117

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