US debt, some questions

this is disturbing, the numbers are huge:

I have 2 questions (for now):

1) if the USA paid more than 2 Trillion (!!!) (in German that would be Billionen which is what I earn in 1000x1000x1000 months) in interests – where did this money go? there are two possible answers:

A) nowhere, the debt is just used to put pressure on the people, in reality there is no debt, no creditor(s) and no interest rate.
B) somwhere, some people (in capitalism every company is owned by people) got as much money as I would earn in 3-5 lifetimes this year. And the year before. and the next year. etc. But how can this be if the richest person in the world has 80 billion (Milliarden for the German speaking people)? let’s say it’s the same people for the last ten years, meaning that in a couple of years a group of people got roughly 300 more than the richest person (Mr. Gates this year) made in his whole life (and as much as I would earn in 40 lives).

It would be very comforting to find out that the answer is A. I have serious doubts though…

2) how is it possible that corporate tax revenue is “only” 325 billion (Milliarden) while income tax revenue is 4 times more (almost 1.5 trillion (Billionen)? shouldnt it be the other way round in a healthy society?

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