Bilderberg-Meeting 2015 in Austria, industrial analysis

So here is the list of the 21 participants representing the interests of industrial capital to use a phrase which might have lost its meaning in the meantime:

Benko, René Founder, SIGNA Holding GmbH AUT

Beurden, Ben van CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc NLD

Brandtzæg, Svein Richard President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA NOR

Elkann, John Chairman and CEO, EXOR; Chairman, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ITA

Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus Group DEU

Federspiel, Ulrik Executive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S DNK

Franz, Christoph Chairman of the Board, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd CHE

Hesoun, Wolfgang CEO, Siemens Austria AUT

Kaeser, Joe President and CEO, Siemens AG DEU

Kerr, John Deputy Chairman, Scottish Power GBR

Kleinfeld, Klaus Chairman and CEO, Alcoa USA

Lemne, Carola CEO, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise SWE

Mörttinen, Leena Executive Director, The Finnish Family Firms Association FIN

O’Leary, Michael CEO, Ryanair Plc IRL

Papalexopoulos, Dimitri Group CEO, Titan Cement Co. GRC

Reisman, Heather M. Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. CAN

Rocca, Gianfelice Chairman, Techint Group ITA

Roiss, Gerhard CEO, OMV Austria AUT

Senard, Jean-Dominique CEO, Michelin Group FRA

Svanberg, Carl-Henric Chairman, BP plc; Chairman, AB Volvo SWE

So today we take a closer look at who is in and who’s out @ this year’s Bilderberg meeting. The big absentees are the Swiss banks, neither UBS nor Credit Suisse got invited. Same goes for other long-time participants like Barclay’s or Société Générale. On the other hand we have more investment funds represented than in recent years. This could mean that many big banks which ave been considered „too big too fail“ aren’t anymore and will go down the drain just like Lehman brothers in 2007. If Greece defaulting is indeed a realistic scenario for the coming weeks then this will lead to a domino effect and we can expect a controlled demolition of the Western financial system: the Pound, the Dollar the Euro and the Swiss Franc will converge at 1:1:1:1 and will be replaced by a new currency. In the process most of savings at banks will disappear („collateral damage“ so to speak).

From the big banks we have: HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Banco Santander. Some of them (Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase) were involved in the libor scandal and have other big problems at the moment – the CEOs of Deutsche Bank resigned this week.
As always many big players from the oil and somehow related automobile industries are participating:

BP, Volvo, Michelin, Fiat Chrysler and Royal Dutch Shell. But on the first look not as prominent as in other years [this needs to be verified in more detail].
The Agnelli imperium is represented by John Ekman, the CEO of EXOR and Fiat Chrysler. Agnelli senior was one of the founding members of the Bilderberg meetings and participated in virtually every meeting from 1954 till his death in 2003. It is rumoured that he was pulling the strings on the European side during the 1970s/80s when the Bilderberg where reaching for global power: „On the occasions that I went, Dr Agnelli was, it seemed to me, the key figure in some way; the figure to whom other people were paying attention and deferring.“

Last but not least: David Rockefeller is not on the list, neither is his son (??) Jay! Big news. That Kissinger participates despite being half-dead is more of a grotesque anecdote than anything meaningful. Brzezinski is not there neither. It seems that the time has finally come for a generation-change at this presitgious meeting point of the unelected governement of the Atlantic Community. That the Rockefellers will be not be welcome anymore first became obvious when they weren’t invited to the Monaco accord about the future of the financial system in 2011 [this information is still a rumour!] and especially after the Merger with Rothschild’s RIT Capital Partners which effectively gave the Rothschilds veto power in the Rockefeller imperium.

Here's a list of the biggest aluminium producers in the world:

		Name				Production 2011	Country	

1.        United Co. Rusal              4,127		RUS
2.        Rio Tinto Group               3,829		GBR/AUS		
3.        Alcoa Inc.                    3,669		USA			
4.        Aluminum Corp. of China       3,127		CHN
5.        Norsk Hydro ASA               1,705		NOR
6.        Dubai Aluminium Co.           1,386		UAE
7.        China Power Investment Co.    1,381		CHN
8.        BHP Billiton Ltd.             1,249		GBR/AUS		
9.        Shandong Xinfa Aluminum and
            Electricity Group           1,016		CHN
10.       Aluminium Bahrain BSC           881		Bahrain

Bilderberg 2015 participants involvment:

John Kerr is Director of Rio Tinto.

Klaus Keinfeld is Chairman and CEO of Alcoa.

Svein Richard Brandtzaeg is President and CEO of Norsk Hydro.

–> number 2, 3, 5 represented at Bilderberg meaning all firms from countries which are from the NATO. A connection to Billiton must be investigated ufrhter but wouldnt be surprising.
Norsk Hydro ASA is a Norwegian aluminium and renewable energy company (…) The company had a significant presence in the oil and gas industry until October 2007, when these operations were merged with rival Statoil to form StatoilHydro (in 2009 changed to Statoil).“

„Financed by the Swedish Wallenberg family and French banks, the company was founded on December 2, 1905“ (the Wallenbergs belong to the core of Bilderberg meetings since its beginnings!)

„During the Second World War Norsk Hydro collaborated with IG Farben and Nordische Aluminium Aktiengesellschaft (Nordag) in building new aluminium and magnesium plants in support of the German war effort. The construction was however ended on July 24, 1943 when an allied bombardment completely destroyed the facilities, killing 55 construction workers. As Germany’s defeat became more likely, Norsk Hydro started to tone down its collaborative relations with the occupier.“ (connections to Nazi Germany have also been part of the Bilderberg meetings from the beginning – not surprising consideringt its first Chairmen was former member of the SS).

We move on to (even) more serious topics: Airbus group, „a European multinational aerospace and defence corporation (…) The company was originally formed as the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company NV (EADS) on 10 July 2000 by the merger of Aérospatiale-Matra, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (DASA), and Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA). In January 2014, EADS was renamed as Airbus Group NV, combining the divisions for development and marketing of civil and military aircraft, as well as communications systems, missiles, space rockets, helicopters, satellites, and related systems.“ „In 2008, EADS had arms sales equivalent of $17.9 billion, which constituted 28 % of total revenue.“ They make money from war.

„As early as 1995 the German aerospace and defence company DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (DASA) and its British counterpart British Aerospace were said to be eager to create a transnational aerospace and defence company.[10] The two companies envisaged including the French company Aérospatiale, the other major European aerospace company, but only after its privatisation.“ Why only after their privatisation? Because then the super-rich can own the company and are not bound by democratic processes like elections which might influence or even veto the decisions of the directors.

This is confirmed by the fact that „In October 2005 the British Ministry of Defence warned European politicians to stop, as it sees it, interfering in the corporate governance of EADS. The former UK Defence Procurement Minister Lord Drayson hinted that the UK government, a major customer for EADS, may withhold future contracts. “As a key customer, we see it as important for EADS to move in a direction that is free from political interference.”
Why does the British Ministry of Defence put the private interests of the Airbus owners over the public interest of European people represented by democratically elected politicians?

and finally: „In late 2012, EADS and its shareholders – namely Daimler AG, Lagardère and the French state – agreed to revamp the company’s corporate governance, thereby considerably reducing political influence in the Group. Although Germany, France and Spain are shareholders of the group, none hold any special blocking rights, meaning the company is governed solely by the Board of Directors and the Executive Management.“
„10 July 2000 was “Day One” for the new company which became the world’s second-largest aerospace company after Boeing and the second-largest European arms manufacturer after BAE Systems (…) In April 2001 EADS agreed to merge its missile businesses with those of BAE Systems and Alenia Marconi Systems (BAE/Finmeccanica) to form MBDA. EADS took a 37.5 % share of the new company which was formally established in December 2001 and which thus became the world’s second-largest missile manufacturer.“

Lists of participants are not only interesting to see who is there but also who isnt: Very surprising that nobody from Nestlé or Novartis is there this year. In general the Swiss don’t seem very welcome at Bilderberg at the moment (or they don’t want to participate), neither UBS nor Credit Suisse got invited. From the 4 persons who got invited which have a Swiss designation after their name and function, one is German (Franz represneting the Hoffmann-LaRoche imperium), one is of Polish descent (A. Kudelski representing the Kudelski group), one is a traitor (Hildebrand who had to leave the National Bank a couple of years ago and is now working for Blackrock. The fourth is a very unusual person, namely a policemen from Geneva – is there some connection the rumours about an assassination attempt on John Kerry in Geneva last week?

As I’ve said before the high number of Austrian participants is due to the conference taking place in this country. However, this does not mean that it is irrelevant who was invited. We have Benko from SIGNA Holding. „The principal focus of the Signa Group of Companies is the long-term investment in real estate in prime city centre locations.“ i.e. They manage the real estate of the super-rich and make sure prices for rent stay high even if this means that some people will stay or become homeless in the process.
Then we have the CEO of Siemens Austria, Wolfgang Hesoun. Siemens is a firm member of the inner core of the Bilderberg group. Their Austrian section is responsible among other things for the Central and Eastern Europe region of their business activities and is „collbaorating on a reserach project for future technologies in cities that is the only one of its kind in Europe, the Living lab at Aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside“ (for more information on their various activities check:

Finally we have Gerhard Roiss representing OMV Austria, an integrated international oil and gas company. „At the end of 1987, 15% of OMV was privatized, making it the first public listing of a state-owned company in Austria. (…) The International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) of Abu Dhabi acquired an initial 19.6% interest in the group at the end of 1994. [Petro-Dollars flowing back to Europe.] (…) In 2004, OMV became the market leader in Central and Eastern Europe following the acquisition of 51% of Romanian oil and gas group Petrom which constitutes the largest acquisition in OMV’s history.

In the same year, OMV increased its share capital, meaning that more than 50% of the company’s shares were in free float for the first time. Following the sale of 50% of the subsidiary company Agrolinz Melamine International GmbH to IPIC in 2005, the Borealis group was taken over in full together with IPIC.

In 2006, OMV acquired a 34% stake in Turkish oil group Petrol Ofisi – the largest Austrian investment in Turkey to date.“ (all quotes from:

So real estate of the super rich, power plant and heavy industry (trains etc.) and oil and gas, always the market leaders, were invited to discuss questions such as Artifical Intelligence (future technologies), Current Economic Issues (how the rich can get even richer and prevent a revolution), European Strategy, Russia (how to win the War in Ukraine?) and many more.

Stay tuned for more analysis in the coming days! May peace prevail 🙂

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