2015 Bilderberg Annotated Members List

as every year VideoRebel does a great job of providing background information on the participants of the Bilderberg meeting and saves me part of the work 🙂

Video Rebel's Blog

This year’s Bilderberg conference is about Iran. That conclusion screams at anyone who goes beyond the first line of the Bilderberg press hand out. That is why I publish an annotated guide to the Bilderberg Society. John Sawers was invited because he was the former head of MI-6 not because in retirement he has a consulting group. Or the man listed as a distinguished visiting lecturer was actually ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, the retired Marine General who had commanded US Central Command. Many of the participants are listed as diplomats or professors. Dig a little deeper. They are Iranian and Arab experts. Or they are diplomats who worked in the Mideast. One was an ambassador to Syria.

I noticed a lot of Turks coming to this conference. I think Bilderberg wants to use Turkey to help solve their perceived Iranian problem. No indication yet what they plan to do. I have…

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