Servers of the Divine Plan exzerpt

1. To hold before the eyes of humanity the vision of the current phase of the Divine Plan for Earth.

2. To educate mankind regarding the most pertinent and urgent issues of the day.

3. To guide others toward a realization of their own innate divinity.

4. To inspire mankind to enter upon its destined work of planetary service.

5. To restore balance and, therefore, to help heal planet Earth.

6. To receive illumination from the higher worlds and to share this wherever appropriate for the furtherance of mankind’s spiritual interests.

7. To act as a bridge between the old and the new – the lower and the higher – by receiving light and power from above, and, using both of these under the inspiration of loving purpose, to eradicate evil, reinstate virtue, anchor the new Aquarian frequencies into the physical plane, and so help build the New world of tomorrow.“

It is the demonstration of love alone that shall positively affect a person’s consciousness. Therefore, active and altruistic response to the present need is demanded today in order for success to be known, not passive acquiescence.“

the only way to reverse its suicidal course toward disaster is by using Law against law, the Higher forces against the lower, effectively transmuting all that is obsolete and undesirable into that which is new and vital. (…) It is by actually living in unity consciousness (i.e. with due awareness of and consideration for the collective whole) that Servers introduce a higher vibrational pattern within the Earth’s auric field“

By themselves undergoing the necessary process of post-natal forgetfulness, seeking, personal purification, spiritual discovery, remembrance and initiation into the New World Consciousness (which is unity consciousness), and by thus exemplifying the Way, Servers construct a path from the old to the new, preparing and making easier the road for those who choose to follow. They act as a bridge between the spiritual worlds and the world of material form, and they create a very wide bridge indeed when they unite and work as one in their particular soul group.“

the consciousness of the real Server is a great deal more expansive than that which he is able to demonstrate as an individual in the waking state on the physical plane (and even in his spiritually awakened state). Only a very small part of the Server’s full expression can ever be reproduced in the comparatively coarse physical matter of the human body, the physical brain and nervous system being able to manifest but a fraction of the far greater entity – the group-soul – which is chiefly resident in its own world, and the Server’s personality is but an outpost for a far greater intelligence. In truth, Servers taking physical incarnation have never really left home, but have only sent tiny fragments of themselves down through the denser vehicles of expression that exist in the lower worlds: mental, emotional and physical. Servers have taken embodiment upon Earth in order to render their service upon all of these lower planes, although to the limited third-density consciousness of the ordinary person, it will appear that only the physical plane is influenced. However, this is only a part of the Servers’ total service, as any good clairvoyant will testify.“

When each Server, through individual experience, has learned and synthesized the lessons assigned to their own personal mission, they will be ready to effect their specialized facet of service in unison with the group work. Such individual contributions are integral constituents of the One World Service, and also of the much larger overall Cosmic Task that ultimately employs countless legions of Servers within the various great Confederations of Helpers in service to the Divine Plan throughout the Universe. The work of Servers upon Earth, then, may be regarded in its truest perspective as just a tiny holographic aspect of a vast intergalactic operation of universal government, which necessarily functions under the asuspices of a unites awareness.“

a Server may be defined as any earnest individual who attempts to live a righteous life, and who, therefore, abides in unselfish service and dedication to the greatest good of which they have become aware. (…) present purity of motive, sincerity and unconditionally loving attitude.“

Awakening servers are, by nature, energy transmuters, and this function is a very significant part of their overall task upon Earth.“

Love – never fear or selfish orientation – is the key to spiritual success for Servers (as well, of course, as humanity.) It is an inmutable universal law that in dedicated and unselfish service, the vibratory rate of consciousness is raised.“

real spiritual service is often destructive.“

Awakened Servers generally possess what might be termed reflective auras. This means that without effort and simply by being natural, they may perform a kind of mirroring function that allows others to become aware of their own psycho-emotional encumbrances. Awakened servers are entirely free from the desire for personal acknowledgement, reward or the need to impress or control others.“

the energy fields that compose the subtle bodies of all awakening Servers also have a definite purging effect upon the auras of others and should there exist a lack of understanding or restraint in some of those with whom Servers come into contact, this quality is bound to arouse certain negative reactions from unstable and unprepared egos. Reactions to purification may at worst erupt into irrational antagonism directed toward the Server, either silently in thought and feeling or blatantly by outward expression.“

when a member of the human race begins to approach the goal of Light and Wisdom (or ‚Enlightenment‘ as it has been called by some older spiritual traditions), they automatically gain a field of influence that extends both up and down, which reaches both inwards toward the source of Light and outwards into the ‚realms of darkness‘. Once they have thus attained, they become a conscious center of life-giving force, and are so without effort. Accomplished servers will thus stimulate the advancement of all life with which they come into contact, and they will vivify that life by inducing in it a fresh evolutionary thrust, be it in human beings, other Servers, an animal, or even the living consciousness within the vegetable and mineral kingdoms. They will act as a transmitter of light in the darkness, naturally dispelling the illusions around them in order to let in the radiance of a brighter reality.“

a universal law which ensures that when one serves another selflessly with concern only for the other person’s greatest good, both parties are blessed, yet it is generally the servant who receives the most uplifting spiritual benefit.

Servers need to understand and remember always that if energy transmissions are to be maximally successful there must be a direct and unadulterated funneling of divine energy without significant distortion due to excitement, impassioned enthusiasm or inappropriate application by the person through which they are channelled. (…) the Server should remain calm, detached, humbly invocative, selfless and unconditionally loving.“

Those awakening servants of the race who have incarnated to exemplify the New World Consciousness today display a synthesizing spirit, being able to unite diversity of opinion and character, able to gather around them the most unlike elements and blend them into a collective, working whole for the greatest possible good.“

The Veil of Forgetfulness

The veil of forgetfulness is designed to mask the memory of their origins, purpose on Earth, higher consciousness, etc., to the degree necessary for them to experience fully the typical human condition. It also affords them needed camouflage until it is time for their public recognition.“

Servers are generally inhibited from remembering who they are until they choose to use their free will wisely by loving and helping others.“

Servers ust listen carefully within; they must trust their Greater Self, and then act upon their insights and true spiritual impulses.“ hasten the process by: a) sincere and intelligent seeking of Truth and b) active service.

Purification is a process that must be furthered every day in order that the veil of forgetfulness may be progressively attenuated as higher spiritual contact is fostered. Negative purification, i.e. the release of harmful patterns from the emotional body, and positive purification, i.e. the education of the mental body, will bring about the balanced preparation of the Server’s personality, rapport with the Group-Soul and so also with the Divine Plan.“

The Imitation Ego

the Server’s ego may be regarded as false or imitation when compared to that of the ordinary reincarnating life on Earth, which is still attached to the wheel of rebirth, and also due to the fact that once that purpose is accomplished successfully, either in one or, more usually, over numerous incarnations, the Server’s lower vehicles will dissolve permanently, never to be reconstituted.“

Identification with the imitation ego will always create distortions of those true soul-memories which may be recalled by the Server, and this may lead them to believe that they need to search for solutions to their own inner conflicts in the outside world amongst the plethora of so-called spiritual paths and techniques of mystical enlightenment that abound today. This misconception can lead to much frustration and disappointment for the Server due to the fact that precious few established spiritual or religious ‚authorities‘ understand precisely what is presently transpiring upon Earth with regard to the unique circumstances pertaining to Servers, and therefore are unable to offer appropriate counsel with regard to the special condition and requirements of the imitation ego.“

most advantageous: basic comprehension of the occult constitution of man

Physical instruments are required by the various spiritual hierarchies (who are predominantly resident upon the inner planes) in order to channel high-frequency transmutative energies into the material world. The imitation ego, when rightly utilized, forms a center for the transmission (stepping down) and transmission of such divine forces.“

The process of initiation symbolized in Jesus’ life as the birth, baptism, transfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension – is more ancient than humanity itself (…) it is the same road down which all successful Servers and humanity must pass today in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; yet not alone as did Jesus, but collectively, for the Passion Play of the Aquarian Age – The Return of Christ – is one of a far greater magnitude than Jesus’ solitary example.“

Within the personality vehicles of an individual Server, therefore, one may witness many ‚different colored threads’ that connect to numerous and diverse galactic civilizations and races from various worlds and densities, all of whom have access, via the imitation ego, to all that Gaia is and will be experiencing during this time of planetary transformation. Therefore, the advanced Server on Earth at this time will be carrying a variety of holographic points of consciousness on behalf of certain civilizations as a kind of composite convoy on Earth, a surrogate for them.“

These civilizations are also ever seeking to communicate through Servers to this world and to the various threads of consciousness that are operating in and through other physically incarnated Servers and starseeds here on Earth at this time.“

Such threads of consciousness can often be quite noisy, restless, quarrelsome (amongst themselves and with the Server) and so definitely unintegrated and in need of love, wisdom and guidance. (…) it is very important for Servers to maintain a true and holy focus; to simpllify their lives as they ‚make straight the paths of the Lord‘ within their imitation egos by remembering a purely vertical, selflessly dedicated and unconditional aspiration to serve the Divine Plan on behalf of both their civilizations and humanity.“

In attuning correctly to the new and higher frequencies of energy now available on Earth, and in learning from and relinquishing all past misconceptions and false identifications, the Server’s consciousness will undoubtedly expand as all past experiences become illuminated by the lamp of insight.“

The Waiting Period

the rending of the veil between worlds is sudden

Servers will wish to keep their mental, emotional and physical bodies in the best possible condition in order that an optimum service may be accomplished through them; a service that the Servers’ greater multidimensional consciousness perpetually renders upon many planes simultaneously on the other side of the veil between worlds.“


1. „Prepration of the way for others by exemplifying the essential requirement on the spiritual path of a humbly-seeking attitude.“

2. The registration for posterity of important discoveries and realizations upon the path of seeking in all areas of human innovation, and the collation of these observations and events for the absorption of the group mind, thereafter becoming a part of its cuulative experience and understanding.“

3. Raising the planetary vibration.“

4. Inspiring humanity to fresh efforts in its own search for Truth, while simultaneously helping to recall to their purpose other tarrying Servers whose veil of forgetfulness may not yet have been penetrated in any significant waxy.“

5. The transmutation and activation of Earth’s subtle energy grid.“

6. Living the new world paradigm and, therefore, demonstrating the practicality of manifesting the true vision of the Aquarian age.“

7. Galvanizing others to move forward on the spiritual path by offering a field of service to all.“

8. Generally assisting in the re-education of humanity in the preparation for the New Day.“

i. As the veil of forgetfulness is attenuated and awakening ensues, the auric fields of Servers will become highly magnetized. … The more intense and powerful emanations of the Server in the near future will cause problems for those who remain in hiding within the shadows of selfisdhness and fear.

ii. As they recall their collective purpose and consequently undergo the restoration of their innate higher faculties, Servers will necessarily become more dedicated and specialized in their field of service, and are much more likely to withdraw from the world at large, for more vital esoteric work in cosed circles.

iii. As vibratory frequencies are increasing today upon Earth, darkness is becoming nagnified in the world as antagonistic forces make their final and desperate attempt to maintain control and domination. As all humanity continues to be coerced to face and deal with its inner impurity, the inherent and growing hypersensitivity of Servers will coerce their retreat from the intensifying maelstrom of global catharsis. The more rememberence the Servers attain, the more will they be distanced from those of humanity who fail to choose love and service as a way of life.“ jede wird sich müsse entscheide für liecht oder dunkelheit


Servers shall willingly accept the responsibility and honor of helping others spiritually.“

their seeking and service inevitably leads them to greater understanding and illumination, and that understanding will, in its turn, naturally find its expression in renewed and dedicated service upon the ever widening road of spiritual discovery.“

Servers must firmly establish anew their pledge to the group-soul that they will resist all temptation to repeat their past mistakes, and so allow no impediment to deter their resolution to help the world.“

In the world of a Server, inactivity is synonymous with delay and, while retarding the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, any postponement of a server’s remembrance will detrimentally affect mankind’s process of awakening and liberation also; this is due to the interconnectivity of planetary consciousness.“

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. (Goethe)“

true and permanent healing cannot be effected in self-regard.“

earnest spiritual seeking and selfless service are the quickest and most fruitful ways to expedite divine remembrance and thus also personal healing.“

It is imperative that Servers establish an attitude of detachment from their personal lives. They must arrive at the understanding that their personality is but a vehicle for a group-soul – their Greater Self. When utilized dispassionately, the personality may serve as an instrument for the collective mind; a veritable beacon that may shine a light of Truth upon the world, soothing the ills of humanity and pioneering a new and better way of healing and spiritual advancement in the Aquarian age.“

When Servers are either ready to serve or to be trained for world service, members of their group will begin to appear“

When all members of the soul-family become once again naturally selfless in their present incarnation, and therefore dedicated in service to humanity, the group will be ready to fully reunite upon the physical plane, and the powerful experience of group healing will then be realized.“ invoke the assistance of the group-soul which is interested in world healing as key to success

The process of Remembrance will eventually deliver Servers to the final great portal that gives access to the Inner Sanctum: a hidden chamber which has been prepared for a momentous group-initiation that corresponds to the Great Transition and the most universally significant harvest time ever known upon the planet.“

On Judgment Day those who have helped to secure the liberation and ascension of the world shall claim their hard-won prize as together they enter a higher reality. This long-awaited culmination of the Servers’ grand collective mission on Earth will give rise to the wondrous experience of group remembrance (rapture in new testament)“

The PErsonal PRogram

All Servers are equipped with what might be compared to an inner piloting device, which carries sundry directives, instructions and parameters designed to guide them upon their path in a particular way toward certain ends, like a kind of program. Such a program is personal and unique to each individual Server, and is willingly accepted by them in accord with divine consensus and practical need prior to their physical incarnation.“

Each personal program carries privileged intelligence in the form of encoded information that is stored at various levels within the Server’s psychic constitution, and collectively this information is of critical importance to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan.“

common directives of all p.p.: assist in raising planetary vibration, sound the call to service, respond to appeals to help, act as guide for others

Servers are here today to uproot the underlying causes of mankind’s afflictions, and to thereby effect permanent healing worldwide.“

the closer one gets to one’s spiritual goal, the stepper becomes the path leading to the mountain top, and the more insurmountable will life’s obstacles at first appear. Such signs illustrate progress and are inevitable.“

trust and listen to the inner teacher

a Server’s state of consciousness will rise when acting in alignment with the Divine Plan, or deteriorate when doing something that is detrimental to the greater good“

Servers would do well, therefore to wholeheartedly follow their own inner guide – their personal program – as best as they can, even if that guidance leads them through trials that may at first appear quite formidable, irrational or perhaps entirely insurmountable.“

Meditation nd the like should be regarded by Servers as spiritual maintenance rather than a means to attain a new goal“

by invoing certain beneficient forces into the world they are able to produce life-enhancing energy-currents and thought-forms upon those higher planes that are today unpopulated by humanity’s predominantly dense mental and emotional projections.“

while the immediate effects of esoteric work may go unnoticed by most, the genuine and most productive causes instigated by the radiation of positive energies conferred upon higher and more subtly-efficacious planes will continue to reverberate throughout the spheres of planet Earth for generations to come, blessing and awakening even those who have no particular disposition toward spiritual good.“

The Group Program

candidates for glory must strive to locate the vitally-required Golden Thread, which is guaranteed to guide them through many a dragon lair’s en route to the center. Amongst the numerous items of use to be found along the way is the Scrying Crystal of Far-Seeing, which shall prove to be an indispensable aid in progressively revealing to them the secrets of the labyrinth as well as divulging essential hints to the mystery of their assignment. By employing sucih a precious find wisely and faithfully they will be able to pass safely through all the doors and passageways that lead eventually to the great Gates of Fortune. This last portal will at last deliver the wearied aspirant to the Sacred Vault at the heart of the intricate maze where the priceless Jewel of Remembrance awaits his rightful claim.“

Servers should not expect to find the Philosopher’s stone without effort, yet it ought to be remembered that the quest itself is a very important part of their unfolding program“

the personal program „is clearly recogniized to be just a small but integral part of a larger and much more important group program, the success of which may be known only in association with others.“

All Servers who awaken become capable of stimulating other receptive Servers into recognition of their own personal programs as well as the greater group duty. (…) The potential of this group catalyst is related to the harmonious fusion of the diverse but complementary characteristics expressed by each individual server. In order for success to be known, the assets and qualities of each Server must be consecrated to the good of the group, to humanity and to the world. Servers must find one another and work together again as one unified body in their present incarnation.“ group program as most important aspect of our collective mission

group work proceeds unimpended within the higher worlds where purposeful union and intelligent service are ever spontaneous and constant. Therefore, physical proximity is not necessary for group collaboration to be effected within the inner spheres of the planet by the Servers’ higher consciousness. Yet, an initial terrestrial encounter will often serve to facilitate cooperation upon the hidden side of life by way of the Server’s self-generated thought-forms of one another.“ —> telepathischer Kontakt

it is the responsability of the more awakened individuals to alert those who may still be faltering within the labyrinth to the all-important existence of the collective mission.“

three major virtues: „i) a basic comprehension of the design and aim of the overall Divine Plan at this juncture of human development, ii) a genuine willingness to achieve perfect alignment with the orientation and purpose of the group program as determined by the group members; and iii) a consequent throwing of the total of one’s resources into the furtherance of the immediate divine objective for humanity and planet Earth via the instrumentality of the group.“

The call to world duty is currently being trumpeted in the ear of every able-bodied man and woman on Earth. All soul-families are presently being invited to reunite upon the physical plane, and this inevitable regrouping process is now underway worldwide.“

Mankind’s readiness today to step forward onto a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral – the path of group spiritual growth – is a very positive sign indeed, for it reflects an important

collectively they form a very substantial global latticework of spiritual light, forged today in readiness for the physical manifestation of Light Centres all around the planet.“

those Light Centres having the most far-reaching and beneficent influence will not be primarily healing centres; they will be centres of spiritual service bearing many different functions, only one of which shall be personal healing. It is the responsibility of genuine spiritual communities to offer a field of service to those who wish to help raise the planetary consciousness by purifying their own. Selfless service, in raising the vibratory rate of consciousness, induces a process of transmutation and necessarily confers comprehensive healing, yet does not focus solely upon it, and this is a vital key to success during the birth of the New World.“

the occult structure of Light Centres in the Aquarian age will incorporate inner and outer circles. These concentric rings of serviceful activity will reflect the degree of spiritual attainment and, therefore, capabilities of those souls who work within their boundaries. (…) Each person will find the appropriate position or office that will present the best opportunities for them, while simultaneously harmonising with the collective purpose and, therefore, the good of the whole group.“

Much more important, then, than the personal program is the group program, yet greater even than the group program is the Global Agenda, which embraces the sum total of all efforts made by the multifarious assemblages of Servers – both physically incarnated and incorporeal – who will together usher in the New World Consciousness on Earth and thus assist in preparing humanity for the birth of the New Eden for planet Earth. The Global Agenda is no less than the invincible Divine Plan for humanity and the planet itself, and the exultant fanfares of its prophesied and long-awaited triumph for this current phase of solar evolution will be heard by all mankind soon after the required critical mass has been gathered together under the auspicious guidance of the Servers. Strategically-placed nodes of light (comprising many souls who have aligned themselves with the Divine Will in holy service) will then begin to expand, linking-up around the world via the Earth’s subtle energy grid to form one great sphere of loving force that will be responsible for launching the whole planet into a higher reality.“

Each individualised fragment of the group-soul and its personality (the Server) bears a unique musical chord. Timing is of the essence, and when the soul-family regroups once again at the appointed hour upon Earth, each individual tone will combine to produce a transcendental code that will be peculiar to the group, and which will confer certain occult privileges. When the correct number and combination of notes are sounded together synchronously, a secret latch will be triggered, a hidden portal will be opened, and a great Mystery shall be revealed.“

The Portal to the New World

The unselfish and intelligent use of such a powerful method of conducting divine energy in these favourable times gives rise to the construction of a potent ethereal circuit that blazes a stream of electric force through every opened heart and bestows Revelation upon the whole group as each individual’s consciousness fuses and unites with the group mind and is subsequently lifted into luminous spiritual realms where the experience of unconditional love for everyone and everything is known. Thus are portals to the hidden worlds opened and traversed.“

The manifestation of metaphysical portals may be greatly facilitated by the positive influence of certain Earth-energies, and havens for refuge, healing and preparation are being established by Servers around existing Earth-vortexes upon the physical plane in readiness to be used as portals for consciousness to travel into the higher worlds.“

those who have adequately raised their vibratory rate of consciousness by responding positively to world need and, therefore, by serving humanity together in groups, will have the opportunity to pass through the Portal of Initiation prior to the major planetary Initiation itself. Other servants of the race will be able to follow later as they are duly honoured, rewarded and liberated at a time that is in alignment with their personal and group programs, and to a level that is in direct proportion to the degree to which they have given of themselves in selfless service over numerous incarnations.

It should be understood that the Portal of Initiation leading to the New World may only

be traversed in group formation; such is a law of the Aquarian age. All those accomplished candidates for ascension will assemble on this side of the portal, as it were, and once the group conduit has been opened by righteous and timely invocation, a flood of Servers will pour through. Upon the inner side, these triumphant individuals will behold a ‘stairway of light’ spiralling forth from the mundane realms of the physical plane. This endless stair will be very familiar to all Servers, extending ever-upward and disappearing from sight as it merges into fathomless brilliance above.“

the moment of the final Great Transition, which shall seal the door where evil dwells, and so liberate humanity on Earth. Such is graduating mankind’s predestined fortune – or Deliverance – spoken of in diverse prophecies and found in numerous scriptures of old.“

the divine reward and supreme exultation awaiting those successful Servers who will once again become transfigured and absorbed into the transcendental refulgence of one perfectly united spiritual consciousness, are incomprehensible and inexpressible in words or concepts. Their well-earned prize will be most befitting, for the liberation of Mother Earth to which they have consecrated themselves – mind, body and spirit – will produce such a tremendous release of divine force in our solar system that the entire universe shall quiver in grateful response; all Creation, being inseparably connected, will be positively affected as every single life throughout the boundless Cosmos will, on some level, be gracefully and irreversibly touched.“

Opposing Forces

AS GREATER LIGHT CONTINUES TO ILLUMINATE THE PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS, darkness is necessarily accentuated, for where there is light there must exist its corresponding shadow, or contrast, for in a dualistic universe one cannot exist and is meaningless without the other.“

In this time leading up to the birth of the New World, certain doorways are being opened in the barrier in order to allow for a larger influx of benign entities into our Earthly spheres where their aid may be rendered. However, these doorways are presently also being used for access by entities who are rather less than friendly, even though such wayward souls have the karmic right to be here on Earth.“

the forces of darkness are today redoubling their efforts against all that is good and righteous by trying all kinds of new, devious and desperate attempts to further delay the unfolding Divine Plan, and to take for themselves as much of the new light coming to the planet as they are able to snatch away from humanity. Servers are high-priority targets for the dark forces, of course, due to the inherent threat that they pose to the dominion of evil upon Earth, and consequently Servers will find that they generally receive attention from the brothers of shadow before that of Divinity.“

Individuals with any trace of selfishness, e.g., fear, pride, etc., and even those bearing genuine goodwill but possessing weak, indecisive or rigid and thus impressionable minds, are the easiest and, therefore, favourite victims of the opposing forces, and certain awakening Servers who have yet to reconsecrate their lives in service to the Divine Plan are today being successfully victimised from the inner planes in order to minimise their chances of responding positively to their wake-up calls.“

Servers who in their forgetfulness may have become severely impaired as personalities will be presented with one of two critical choices: they must either search for and find a genuinely serviceful group, the common focus to which they should selflessly dedicate their lives (thus effecting their own healing), or they may choose to remain in the sombre gloom of selfhood and uncertainty whereby they will eventually be withdrawn from the physical plane having failed their assignment. It should be understood well by all Servers who have yet to reunite with other kindred souls for the purposes of furthering the One Divine Work upon Earth, that true, spiritual group communion creates an impregnable protective energy field, effectively warding off all evil so that higher spiritual forces may successfully enter the physical plane.“

Servers may also subconsciously block painful experiences from their awareness in order to avoid dealing with distressful memories. Yet these memories must be recalled for resolution as part of the process of remembrance in order that understanding, acceptance and forgiveness may effect complete release and consequent healing. Servers who embark upon the path of purification and healing will achieve greater ability to help others in their healing process, and the unprecedented grace available to all humanity at this time, delivered courtesy of the intensifying waves of new Aquarian energy, assures that healing and complete restoration may, for each and every individual, be swiftly realised; unselfish service is the key.“

the trance condition that many lesser mediums effortlessly adopt, is a most undesirable state, especially in these times. It separates the medium from his own soul and relegates him to the realms of unwholesome and material forces that abound upon the astral plane – the realm of illusion. It is imperative that mental activity and purity of heart be rapidly enhanced so that intelligent and conscious channelling may be practised safely if at all“

loving assistance is always at hand and ready to confer complete protection, even upon the dark planet. Selfless invocative appeal (which a humble and serviceful attitude engenders) will always attract divine attention and aid wherever necessary, and psychic attack of a superficial nature is generally the worst that negative entities may inflict upon those who are earnestly and wholeheartedly dedicated to helping others spiritually.“

the majority of Server-souls upon

Earth at this time have chosen to incarnate in female bodies*. As agents of change, these valiant envoys of the New Spirit bring to the planet a very high concentration of feminine power that will presently resolve the patriarchal problem upon Earth once and for all, restoring much needed balance and harmony that will benefit everyone in the New World, both women and men.“

These shrewd deceivers amongst us today seek to at least neutralise the Servers’ mission, while their preference is to utterly crush and destroy anything that is in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth. They are disseminating all kinds of very interesting information in their campaign to ensnare and distract as many individuals, groups and organisations as they are able from the most simple, unchanging and spiritually-sound message of love and service. They may also perform miraculous healings and demonstrate psychic powers in order to inspire faith in the masses, and to subsequently win the adulation and allegiance of the naïve.

What may be regarded as miraculous by some, however, is nothing but a metaphysical dynamic that is responsible for the harnessing of natural forces; faith acts as both a magnifier and a conductor, and makes this dynamic possible.“

Religious intermediaries and spiritual leaders are still employed today due to humanity’s ignorance of universal laws, and as long as such blindness persists in the world, black magicians, false spiritual teachers and bogus religions will continue to proliferate in response to mankind’s desire. (…) these sorcerers are successfully wielding occult forces not for the common good, but for their own selfish ends, and they are consequently leading many people farther and farther away from divine Truth and genuine spiritual experience by offering a cold light, which can be remarkably convincing to those who do not look to their own heart for verification.“

It is of vital importance at this late stage of the current phase of the Divine Plan for Earth that Servers hearken to their conscience: the voice of Divinity within. They should pursue only their highest and most selfless aspirations, trusting and following the urging of their personal program which will guide them forward safely amidst all the contrived allurements and snares that have been set along the path especially for them, but which cannot fool the person who has attained true Knowledge and whose sights are set on helping the world.“

JEsus: „Without a cause you will be haled into the courts and cast into prison cells; you will be stoned; you will be beaten in the synagogues; will stand condemned before the rulers of this world, and governors and kings shall sentence you to death. But you will falter not, and you will testify for truth and righteousness. And when these times shall come let wisdom guide; do not resent. Resentment makes more strong the wrath of evil men.“

The Great Risk

the most dire and grievous danger with which Servers upon Earth are threatened is that of actual spiritual retrogression, and this is a very real peril acknowledged by all Servers prior to their voluntary incarnation.”

Love is the greatest aid to remembrance for Servers, and all would do well to bear in mind always that only unconditional love is karma-free!”

should they fail to balance every last karmic debt before Judgement Day, then it is guaranteed that they will know an incompatibility with the group-soul of which they were once a part as it prepares to rise into the next level of evolutionary experience which it may have collectively merited. During the inevitable evolutionary process whereby the group-soul makes claim to its grand investment made long ago, those tainted parts of itself (i.e., Servers who have become karmically contaminated) will necessarily be rejected from graduating along with the greater whole.”

New Teachings and a New Way

The old cannot withstand the new, for such is the Divine Plan for our world. A brand new life-paradigm is dawning within the planetary consciousness today, and

everyone who recognises and lives by the new truths will learn much from the demise of the old. Those who are gravitating toward the emerging new world paradigm are presently seeking to find out more, and this search for new and greater understanding is something that absolutely everyone would undertake if they were not so immersed in the great plethora of worldly distractions. This is so because the impetus to seek and thus to grow is an essential quality of the divine Spirit, and so is also inherent within every soul.


the seeking of greater meaning in life is essential to spiritual advancement.


By self-initiated efforts to move forward into grander regions of spiritual reality, the intuitive faculty is automatically stimulated and the seeker’s vibratory rate of consciousness is raised as awareness expands.


there is once again today an urgent need for fresh, true and undistorted

spiritual teachings; teachings that will restore the sacred Essence of past religious dogma and so help to unite the various presentations of the One Universal Truth that lies at the foundation of all true religious dispensations, past, present and future.


Awakened Servers are therefore ready to work as dedicated servants of the

Divine Plan in accord with all that is new and relevant, reaching out compassionately in service to humanity by holding up the true vision of the Aquarian age for all to see, and by thus living earnestly in accord with their purpose on Earth.


When humanity begins to appreciate and, therefore, live by the immutable laws of Life due to its own inspired personal enquiry into Reality, an unshakable trust in that Life will develop, and divine contact will ultimately result from the consequent intelligent surrender to and co-operation with divine Order. Such an alignment with universal law begets identification with the Greater Self in all, and thus gives rise to the experience of unconditional love, that most sublime expression of the divine Spirit which ever seeks to give of itself for the benefit of others. Since they will live for the world, individuals who attune to the New Way of spiritual progress in the Aquarian era will be naturally motivated from within to help their fellows, and so it is that the global community on Earth will be born.

The New World Consciousness will become fully established upon Earth soon after the critical mass has been assembled and when mankind is therefore ready to welcome and contribute toward positive change. The pioneering work of Servers will then swiftly increase and spread, this being reflected in an expansion of their breed and in the consequent diffusion throughout the world of goodwill, charity, altruism and worldwide selfless collaboration. The joint efforts of Servers will contribute significantly toward the clear discernment, comprehension, and active resolution of all injustice upon the planet, and will culminate in the permanent transmutation of evil and in the engendering of wholesome and symbiotic human relationships. Such a conscious alignment with the designs of the universe together with the intelligent application in life of its laws, will produce a conducive global spiritual climate that will facilitate the long-awaited manifestation of Divinity upon Earth.


The True Path

IT IS ANTICIPATED THAT THE DISCLOSURES WITHIN THIS BOOK may assist Servers in recognising themselves by their life patterns.


Since the act of seeking Truth automatically hones the sixth sense and clarifies one’s vision, Servers are likely to begin recognising members of their own spiritual family shortly after they have made a firm commitment to embark upon the all-important quest for understanding


their search cannot be made for their own sake. In order to know real spiritual fulfilment, one’s own self must be forgotten, for in self-forgetfulness liberation is experienced: liberation from the separative ego, which is the source of all pain and sorrow.


while there most certainly is freedom from the constricting laws of the lower self, there is no freedom from the divine Law of Relationship and from constant interplay between person and person, soul and soul, life and life. The greatest joy to be found in relationship with others is in helping them; real, spiritual happiness – or joy – may be found only in helpfulness, and all of life’s many and diverse roads eventually converge upon the one Path of Service.


the plain truth is that in helping others lies our own greatest good, and

spiritual aspirants are most truly progressing when they assist the progress of others. (…) The very quintessence of the universe, then, is Love, and it is Love, therefore, that must be embodied and expressed by each individual life at some stage during the course of its growth before the gateway leading to the True Path of Return may be traversed.


they have penetrated the veil of forgetfulness and remembered their own true, loving and compassionate nature by contacting the Spirit within. In such precious recollection, the exquisite perfection of Creation is revealed to them and a supreme and undying trust and confidence is born from an inner knowing which transcends the most pure and ardent religious faith. Before tear-filled eyes of spiritual elation and with unsurpassed gratitude, the blessedness of Existence then proceeds to unfold itself to the humbled beholder. In the subsequent attainment of a new

and habitually reverent attitude toward all things, one’s every thought, feeling, word and action become sacred as one’s whole life is naturally consecrated to the Divine.

Consequently, and at each moment, one is elevated by the Law of Recompense and, with the greatest joy, draws progressively nearer to complete remembrance and spiritual fulfilment. At this stage it becomes apparent to the illumined mind that every deed that is performed with a pure and unselfish motive always yields favourable results for everyone concerned


Enlightenment is not an end-product or result, but a continuing process of cumulative remembrance within the supernal light of spiritual reality, and such is the divine heritage of every sincere servant of Life. Enlightenment is a never-ending and joyful process of spiritual unfoldment, discovered only through the giving of Love to others; a Love that resides within the heart of every single soul in the world and can never be found by any outward grasping.


When a person’s free will is applied in accord with the divine Will, the rewards for all efforts made are multiplied exponentially because they are rendered in perfect alignment with universal law. Therefore the advancement of the individual will not be by arithmetical progression, i.e., 2, 4, 6, 8, etc., nor even by geometrical progression, i.e., in the ratio 2, 4, 8, 16, etc., but by powers in the order of the ratio 2, 4, 16, 256, 65536, etc.!


The True Path demands such an attitude of surrender. It is necessary that the personal self be given up unconditionally and absolutely, in thought as in action. The servant of Life lives not for self, but for the world, and in such devotion he consummates his liberation from the bleak and lonely ways of the struggling ego.”


the True Path requires an unconditionally altruistic disposition that necessarily and spontaneously produces active service. The divine Spirit works through all such truly loving endeavours, no matter how seemingly mundane or trivial one’s activities may appear to be.


Love must be given in order to be received


the greatest blessing in the whole universe is the opportunity to serve


Servers, like all humanity, should do what they find uplifting, what gives them a

sense of real purpose.


they recall their own innate wisdom that reminds them to simply love

, and then to just let it be. Everything is then rightfully seen as perfect in the world, as it always has been; the Law of Cause and Effect governing the great pageantry of Creation and operating throughout every particle of the universe and every experience of life


If there ever was one solution to absolutely every problem throughout mankind’s history, all the way up to the present, and on into Eternity, it must surely be . . . .

serve, and keep serving; give, and never stop giving.


The Call to Service

Although awakened Servers – The Children of Light – demonstrate love and kindness to all, it should be remembered that they are also bringers of destruction, for they are charged with the responsibility of clearing the weeds of ignorance from the pathways of Earth so that new growth may blossom forth. The collective force of their awesome and fiery blessings will shatter and dispel the planetary gloom that today hangs over the spirit of mankind like a burial shroud. Servers “come not to bring peace, but the sword”


Servers who form the frontline of change in these times are necessarily a great deal more militant than outwardly saintly, for in order to achieve their goal they must, without reservation, charge forth to rend asunder that great veil of delusion that has been forged and maintained by evil minds and which, by means of vibratory imprisonment, has prevented humanity from knowing any real freedom, peace or happiness for so long. It should obviously not be expected that the forces of darkness, having reigned upon Earth for so many ages, will surrender their dominion without great resistance.


peril, regret, fear and dread lie ahead only for those who harbour the evil of

selfishness, for mirrors line the way.


Awakened Servers understand well that the present world crisis demands not workshops, courses and lectures, but active participation in the creation of the New World.


should an individual be unprepared to happily and spontaneously give of everything that they are able in order to serve the common good; if there is any measure of fear, self-regard and, therefore, reservation in that person, then they necessarily exclude themselves from the ranks of the true servants of the world, and so they cannot be a part of the One Divine Work upon Earth today; there can be no

compromise in genuine spiritual service. Furthermore, in the times ahead, all that which is held to oneself, anything that is not offered selflessly in service to others, and everything which is not contributed toward the One Great Cause will be taken away.


Service, however, may only be rendered where and when it is requested; one cannot free others who are still engrossed in the limitations and conditions of the old world consciousness and its thought-forms by attempting to pull them loose through mere force of mind or emotion. A great many souls will – consciously or unconsciously – choose not to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity offered them at the forthcoming Harvest Time. Such ones may be recognised by their vibration, and their free will must be honoured, however unfortunate or painful their choice may

seem to be.


The greater message to all Servers in the world is: seek, get understanding, remember, assemble, purify, prepare together, and be of service to your human family.


recommended books:

A Gift from Daniel – Karen Alexander

Astral Body, The – A E Powell

Causal Body, The – A E Powell

Celestine Prophecy, The – James Redfield

ET 101 – Jho Zoev

From Bethlehem to Calvary – Alice Bailey

Hidden Side of Things, The – C W Leadbeater

Light Emerging – Barbara A Brennan

Masters and the Path, The – C W Leadbeater

Mental Body, The – A E Powell

Only Planet of Choice, The (Chapters 1,7 & 8) – Phyllis Schlemmer

Preparing for Contact – Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest

Prism of Lyra, The – Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest

Star Born, The – Brad Steiger

Starseed Transmissions, The – Ken Carey

Strangers Among Us – Ruth Montgomery

Tenth Insight, The – James Redfield

Third Millennium, The – Ken Carey

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