Forbidden Knowledge

“Friends gave me all manner of research material. A chemist offered occasional use of a laboratory. A psychiatrist promised to stand by if I went too utterly over the edge. I was a little cocky, though, and even put a sign over the door that said DEMONS WELCOME HERE.

As it turned out, the demons already knew the address. Goddesses appeared with encouragement and counsel, and left bits of magic. I gathered acrons and leached them. Woodpeckers were hammering the house apart. A heron would wade in the pond, and the coyotes moved in close.

I dreamt a lot, but after a while the dreams and the visioning and the waking all got mixed together and it seemed that everything that happened had a hidden meaning, and that my thoughts were affecting every part of the flow of significance.”


Dale Pendell, Preface to PharmakoGnosis, part III of the PharmakoTrilogy.


Finally started reading it and I think it will be quite a ride…

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