The spiritual meaning of World War III

World War III, like all wars, is a spiritual war. Spiritual means that what is at stake is the WorldSoul, our collective consiousness as well as spiritual heritage. This war is not a war between Christians and Muslims, Atlantics and Asians, white people and colored people or even between rich and poor as some would like to portray it.

Most accurately World War III can be described as the Final Battle (on our plane(t) Gaia at least) in the Eternal struggle between Good and Evil, Nomads and Imperialists, Change and Persistence, Freedom and Oppression.

However, as more lucid authors have kept on repeating, and contrary to popular belief, or imperialist disinformation, this War is not a War between groups of people. Nor even between individuals. Instead, World War III is in reality a War that wages inside each and everyone of us between the forces of evolution, transformation and self-perfection and the forces opposed to change.

It is up to each and everyone of us to identify the manifestations of this struggle inside himself/herself and to chose sides, to act accordingly to your choice (which can be also called chosing between love and fear) and then to live with the consequences of our choice. If we tune into the voice of Gaia, we will know which choice she made. Peace ❤

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