Manifest for a better world

Shortly before December 21 2012 me and my friends compiled a list how we imagine a better world. I finally translated it into English and we would like to encourage all of you to write to use with feedback: what do you agree with, where do you have corrections/additions and what you do not agree with. The ideal would be for as many people as possible to participate in this project and then to publish the results in book form.

Money / economy

Change from the paradigm of scarcity to one of abundance.

In a first step: basic income for all (as much as necessary for a life full of dignity), then unlimited credit without interest rates for all. During the transition period: maximum limit on income and wealth. Limit on the inequality in society as a whole.

For luxury products it is necessary to work. Priotiy on work which is useful for the community.

Private property only for basic goods (not for land, natural resources, water etc.). You can only own what you use (and not dozens of houses).

No unnecessary work –> change from the workfare-paradigm towards developing the personal creativity.

Décroissance (unlimited growth will not be necessary once we are free from interest).

Green economy: creation of jobs in the protection of the environment and the restoration of the original nature (reforestation etc.).

Wise and reasonable use of technologies in tune with nature and other ethical principles (e.g. concerning nanothecnology).

No exploitation of the third world: all countries should be equally rich.


Free access to education on all levels.

End of the paradigm of human capital –> education is supposed to serve humanity and not the economy.

Learn for life not for work.

More teachers, smaller classes, everybody learning in his tempo.

Personal talents should be recognized and supported; everyone should be encourage to develop his full potential (including permanently expanding it).

Promote interhuman (and inter-species) communication.

Higher value of practical and creative work, the natural drive to movement should be assisted.

Comprehensive education about harmful and unhealthy stuff (television, sugar etc.).

Inclusion of Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and other forms of energy work –> one one hand in order to ground; on the other hand to open up to the cosmic energies. Additionally learn and promote the transformation of the natural (also sexual) energy (Orgone, Chi).

Promote communication and knowledge exchange between the generations.


Promotion of renewable energy souces: no private economy of energy. Each one has free access to energy for personal use with solar cells etc.

Project Orion

Tesla + Reich + Schauberger for the win


Democracy, but not the dictatorship of the majority but consensus democracy with veto-right

Decentral organisation: decisions are made where people are directly affected by them (bottom-up approach).

Priority of the local and the individual before corporations and international treaties.

Countries are merely administrative and cultural/ethnical units: free right to travel without visum etc. –> we are all earth citizens, earth is our native land.


If possible only use of recyclable and environment-friendly resources in the industrial production (no plastic!).

Nature cannot be subordinated to needs of humanity –> new contract with nature, human beings as an equivalent part of nature.

Only transportation that is healthy for the environment: promotion of public transport and electric cars.

Less noise und light pollution: promotion of silence, dark nights.

Severe regulation of radiation (radioactivity, mobile phones, electromagnetic pollution etc.).

Entertainment/Everyday life

Unconditional love as highest ideal.

Enough spare time for the personal development.

Enough time in general –> work is subordinated to other activities.

Equal status for different genders, ethnies etc.

It is prohibited to present women as sexual objects.

It is prohibited to use fear to manipulate masses.

Natural sexuality should be assisted, sex as something sacred.

Dancing as a human right, especially open air.

The weak and „abnormal“ should be integrated into society while taking into account their strengths and weaknesses.

Enough sleep as human right.

Promotion of vegan and raw nutrition. Animal products as exception and not rule. Conscious handling of food (regarding their production as well as consumption).

Contact with other living beings full of respect. Promotion of animal rights.

To live consciously and in harmony with all of creation.

Promotion of independence and autonomy as well as humility on the individual as well as collective level.


Higher value of art (drawing, music, handcraft) in the educational system –> more space for creativity and more self-determination at an early age.

Art as manifestation of the divine.

Free access to mass media, independent of financial resources –> end of the domination of pop culture. Stress the diversity and plurality not only regarding art but also philosophical and political opinions.

More focus on quality and not quantity.

Find and promote adequate forms of expression for the inner life.


Spiritual knoweldge is available to everyone. Spirituality is more important than materialism: we are spiritual beings which incarnate as humans, not the other way round.

Education about the different bodies (subtle, astral etc.): how they function, how they can be cared forand how they serve the soul.

Assist communication with the soul with the aim of recognizing one’s true nature, accepting it and living it.

No mediation between humans and god –> direct connection/contact between each individual and the creator [based on the assumption that if there is a creator he must be in each and everyone of us]

Promotion of lucidity –> humans as conscious co-creators.

No organised religion –> no church taxes etc.

Instead: freedom of assembly for rituals and freedom of religion, i.e. no interference in exercise of faith.

Tolerance regarding faith: nobody can be pursuited or killed because he believes something else.

Spirituality as fixed part of education.

Human laws are based on cosmic laws and spiritual principles.

Efficient protection of minorities –> prohibition of customs and laws which discriminate them.

Further points, no category so far, but nevertheless important:

Body as temple.

To live free of guilt and shame as a collective.

Open heart, also towards new developments.

Promote and cultivate empathy.

Forgive oneself and others again and again.

To communicate „mindfully“.

Honesty as leading principle –> right thought, right speech, right action

Let truth flow.

Recognize and appreciate cosmic humour.

Learn to be silent.

Learn to perceive the multidimensional reality and to live with this perception.

Manifest heaven on earth.

Collective awakening and liberation.

Activation of self-healing forces.

Accept death as transition.

Breathe consciously.

Live in harmony with natural cycles.

Harmonise chakras and free the main energy channel between them.

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5 Responses to Manifest for a better world

  1. Wonderful, DJ! You have entered into a beautiful and empowering vision of life in the New Paradigm! Thank you!

  2. Jeff Sadler says:

    You could eliminate the use of money all together everyone has basic needs met at no cost in exchange for luxury items you performsome task for a few hours a day not a 40 hour week of drudgery but for a few hours a day then another person replaces you after i his gives everyone an opportunity to have access tov these items instead of limited jobs

  3. Claire Born says:

    Far out 🙂 Y’all done good here ❤ I'm in. I wrote a curriculum k-12 with all this kinda thing in mind 🙂

  4. Some controversial points but in principle: I AGREE.

    And it is sad to think that for many centuries humanity is opressed…

  5. >>Human laws are based on cosmic laws and spiritual principles.<<

    Human everything we do based on natural law, as in our spirituality, agriculture, electrical needs, interpersonal relationships, etc., all aligned with nature's principles, including the directional flow from the inside-out, rather than the unnatural flow from the outside-in. When every category of human behavior is aligned with nature's self-evident principles we will have arrived as a species, but of course it may take some time to ensure everyone transitions from the unnatural thought patterns, emotional patterns, and behavioral patterns, so it will take some time of course.

    It's great that you are putting your thoughts and feelings about humanity's transition out here, and taking the time to consider the possibilities, it is important! Thank you!


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